Sub-Saharan Africa

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the region of Africa to the south of the Sahara Desert


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1972-1974: Ferrari lives in South Africa and works for Coca-Cola doing market research on all of Africa south of the Sahara.
Thousands of paediatricians from all over the world assembled in Johannesburg to participate in the first-ever world congress of paediatrics to be held in Africa south of the Sahara. Important topics relevant to our children's lives and health were discussed.
But to some a widely-held perception is of two incredibly diverse regions; Africa south of the Sahara desert, and North Africa.
"By far the highest rates of population growth can be found in Western Asia and Africa south of the Sahara. The current annual population increase of about 80 million will remain constant until 2015."
Africa south of the Sahara is usually wrongfully ignored when it comes to world politics.
Nobody can know for certain whether Africa south of the Sahara might be on the cusp of shaking its endemic destitution and starting up the ladder of development.
Historians present case studies of medical mission in China, India, and Africa south of the Sahara, from the middle 19th to the middle 20th centuries.
Comprising over 1,500 pages, Africa South of the Sahara 2007 presents detailed facts, statistics and directory details on the whole region providing a unique and impartial insight into the political affairs, economies and geographies of these important countries.
Talking Drums: A Selection of Poems from Africa South of the Sahara
MAMBAS THE mamba is found in Africa south of the Sahara.
Intense monsoon activity in Africa south of the Sahara has contributed to Europe's merciless summer.
THE COMPENDIUM African Literatures in English: East and West is part of a forty-seven-volume series from Longman, which when completed aims to "offer a practical and comprehensive guide to literature written in English from Anglo-Saxon times to the present." This particular volume by Gareth Griffiths, who is well known for his groundbreaking work in postcolonial literatures, introduces anglophone literature from Africa south of the Sahara and north of Zambia, from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries.
The following 10 units are included in the teacher's guide and 2 student guides, "World Geography: Skills," covering units 1-3, and "World Geography Regions," covering units 4-10: (1) "Introduction to World Geography"; (2) "Locating Places"; (3) "Living on Earth"; (4) "Latin America"; (5) "North Africa and Southwest Asia"; (6) "Africa South of the Sahara"; (7) "Asia and Australia"; (8) "The Former Soviet Union"; (9) "Europe"; and (10) "The United States and Canada." Appended in the teacher's guide are the Sunshine State Standards for geography, unit generalizations, and a multimedia bibliography.
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