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Control of microbial growth browning and lipid oxidation by the spice Aframomum danielli.
Studies have been done on production and quality evaluation of flavoured yoghurts using carrot, pineapple, ginger and pepper fruit [9] and production of probiotic yoghurt flavored with the spice, Aframomum danielli, strawberry and vanilla [10].
The presented work demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method for screening the VOCs from the Aframomum danielli which in essence demonstrated the applicability to other plant seeds with rich content of volatile oils.
hirtum, Aframomum letestuanum, Aframomum alboviolaceum, and the pericarps extract of Raphia hookeri) for the study of their modulating effects against selected MDR bacteria, these at the concentrations equivalent to the half and quarter of their MIC values.
Other species such as Hallea ledermannii, Aframomum cereum, Sterculia tragacantha, Bambusa vulgaris, and Cola gigantea were scarce and were recorded only in the lowest pressure stand.
Botanical name Common name Bioactive compound Acanilol A, Acacia nilotica Gum Arabic acanilol B, kaempferol Aframomum Alligator pepper Humulene, melegueta (Roscoe) saryophyllene K.
Yeboah, "Cytotoxicity of four Aframomum species (A.
The only two species of Old World plants that brought any "heat" to food was the West African grains of paradise (Aframomum melegueta) that became supplanted by the far superior black pepper (Piper nigrum), whose trade and price was tightly controlled by the Dutch.
Antimicrobial properties and phytochemical analysis of methanolic extracts of Aframomum melegueta and Zingiber officinale on fungal diseases of tomato fruit.
etymology obscure pwa for poivrier Longouze longoza Aframomum angustifolium (also in the ginger family) Mahafatiamboa mahafaty literally, 'kills dogs' amboa (Cnestis glabra is native to Madagascar) Mouffia mofia, rofia Raphia ruffia Natte nato diverse trees with red wood, good for construction, e.g.
Scientific family, english and local names of the plants investigated Scientific name Family English name Aframomum danielli K.
Inhibition of food spoilage yeasts and aflatoxigenic moulds by monoterpenes of the spice Aframomum danielli.
A grain-of-paradise (Aframomum melegueta) seed (photographed, at left) is scanned and made into a 3-D volume rendering on the computer (middle).
During the Songas pipeline survey Aframomum orientale, a plant endemic to Rufiji and Mkuranga districts, and two orchids, Microcoelia exilis and Microcoelia megalorrhiza, were found [24].
In Congo Brazzavillle, Aframomum stipulatum an already indigenously documented herbal remedy for impotence has been patented by Biotech, a Canadian pharmaceutical company.