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peacekeeping mission to Afghansitan, as part of ISAF, Georgia will not stop its course for NATO.
Shipments from the Karachi port had to be sent as far as Afghansitan.
At the tripartite meeting, ministers are expected to discuss about Afghansitan's security condition and the peace process.
"Obama's Design in Afghansitan?" People's Daily Online,
and Progress in Afghansitan and Pakistan," CQ Transcriptions, June
TRIBUTES AS TWO DIE IN AFGHANSITAN A BRITISH soldier who died in hospital in the UK after being wounded on patrol in Afghanistan a month ago was described yesterday as "a star of the future".
Hopkins, "The Problem with 'Hearts and Minds' in Afghansitan" [24-29]
THE distraught mum of one of the youngest soldier's killed in Afghansitan yesterday told of her agony at getting used to life without him.
Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell: Afghansitan war is still justified
(1915): British India With Notes on Ceylon, Afghansitan, and Tibet.
He also warned that US plans to increase troop levels in Afghansitan, where it has been fighting since it toppled the Taliban in an invasion in 2001, could prompt an influx of Taliban fighters into Pakistan in response.
"The bomb exploded at the time of evening prayer and killed a number of worshippers," Ali Mohammad Azad, the governor general of the province bordering Pakistan and Afghansitan told state television.
The Task Force Pacemaker expansion of FOBs supported the construction of road networks throughout Afghansitan. The long-term result was that the capitals in Zabul, Paktika, and Paktia Provinces were linked to the paved ring road around Afghanistan.
The controlled movement of people between Balochistan and Afghansitan is a necessary albeit not sufficient condition for allaying Baloch grievances.
It expressed alarme by the Taliban's ongoing territorial expansion and by the recent strengthening of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda groups in Afghansitan. The EP stressed that internal reconciliation and Afghan-led and -owned peace process is the only way forward and urged the Afghan government to pursue further reforms and stable relations with neighbours, and to fight corruption, radicalisation, terrorism and its financing.