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a blanket knitted or crocheted in strips or squares

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an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan

a coat made of sheepskin

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tall graceful breed of hound with a long silky coat


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of or relating to or characteristic of Afghanistan or its people

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References in classic literature ?
The last of a hurrying crowd of Afghans turned at the noise of shod feet behind him, and shifted his knife ready to hand.
Mulcahy shivered when the former spoke of the knife as an intimate acquaintance, or the latter dwelt with loving particularity on the fate of those who, wounded and helpless, had been overlooked by the ambulances, and had fallen into the hands of the Afghan women-folk.
It was Mulcahy who scrambled up tooth and nail and hurled down among the bayonets the amazed Afghan who barred his way.
Here's music for her pianee, An afghan for her toes,
"Colonel Sahib," said he, "that man is no Afghan, for they weep Ai!
He grunted rebelliously: "I can understand an Afghan stealing, because he's built that way.
'And I think.' said the Flower scornfully an hour later, one rounded elbow on the snoring carcass, 'that he is no more than a pig of an Afghan horse-dealer, with no thought except women and horses.
I abide here, following the Flower and drinking wine as an Afghan coper should.'
Served in Jowaki Campaign, Afghan Campaign, Charasiab
He stressed that the incident involving two or three Afghans do not represent the aspirations of Afghan people or refugees.
He said Pakistan will never compromise on the dignity and honour of Afghans refugees living here since 1979 and urged Afghans to establish such a situation in their country that no one can dare to talk against Pakistan.
KABUL -- Pakistan has vowed to extend the access of Afghans to Torkham Crossing from 12 hours to 24 hours, President Ashraf Ghani acknowledged at a meeting with Afghan investors in Pakistan during his two-day visit to the neighboring country on June 28.
The UN refugee agency defines registered Afghans as those who have valid Proof of Registration (PoR) cards issued by the Pakistani government.
He appealed to Afghans to unanimously call for withdrawal of foreign forces.
Any achievements made in the negotiation process since it began must culminate in a discussion between the Afghans on how the country will progress in the future and for this, negotiations between the government and the Afghan Taliban are imperative.