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Synonyms for Afghanistani

of or relating to or characteristic of Afghanistan or its people

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Kabul [Afghanistan], Dec 30 ( ANI ): The Pakistani military has claimed that an Afghanistani national, who was acting as the facilitator of the Afghan intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS), was arrested during an operation.
The vigil night ended up with a moment of silence then, followed up by a tragic song of Lala o Barg by Arash Bariz a prominent Afghanistani signer, which brought many people into tears.
For Afghanistani Arabic Bruce Ingham (2006: 32) gives the following forms, some, it can be noted, with -an instead of -in, while the 1 and 2MPL forms are suffixed to the plural suffix -iin, rather than the intrusive -n.
Pakistani and Afghanistani camels are supposed to produce the highest yields of milk, up to 30 litres per day.
The fact that they have been able to do that is in many ways a compliment to both of you for your leadership and for the leadership of Afghanistani officials that have had a responsibility to ensure that you are able to develop the kind of security operations that are essential to our ability to make the transition," he added.
According to a report in Emirates 24/7, the group of Afghanistani men were accused in the Dubai Criminal Court, of breaking into Al Ghaith and Al Musa Travel Agency and stealing US $170,288.
One of the uncontrolled developments is that some of the jihadists originally concerned with Kashmir have been co-operating with Pakistani Taliban and even Afghanistani Taliban.
Immediately after 9/11, the United States responded with an overpowering military might to topple the Al Qaeda controlled Afghanistani government within which the terrorists had found safe harbor.
The student-athletes self-reported a variety of ethnic/racial backgrounds: Caucasian (4), East Indian (2), Slovakian (1), Italian (1), Japanese (1), Afghanistani (1), Kenyan (1), Moroccan (1).
But gradually she began to notice that within the last 20 years Italy has received an influx of Pakistani, Afghanistani, and Indian immigrants.
Singapore has dispatched a military unit to Iraq and provided a vital staging ground for the US military for its Afghanistani and Iraqi operations.
A spokesperson for the ADB said that the deal is the first made with a privately owned Afghanistani company in over 30 years, but it believes that the development of telecomms in the country is essential to Afghanistan's reconstruction as a whole.
It compellingly tells the hardships of two Afghanistani asylum-seekers as they travel to London and face poverty, prejudice and danger.
Additional research led to the invention of a chemical clone of the original, biologically made material that was assembled into briquettes that were used in place of charcoal by tens of thousands of Afghanistani refugees.
Britain seems to be willing to spend up to pounds 2,500 to send Afghanistani asylum seekers back to their native country but not to committing itself to helping farmers of British origin and their families back home.