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support for the Afghan resistance fighting the Soviet Union.
The objective of the US was to harness the Afghan resistance to the Soviets and expand it into a holy war - an Islamic jihad - which would turn Muslim states within the then Soviet Union against the Communist regime and eventually destabilize it.
Security of the lines of communication determined the amount of forces which the Soviets could deploy in Afghanistan and also determined the scale and frequency of offensive combat directed against the Afghan resistance forces.
Through arm-twisting and with the help of some unlikely allies, Wilson got weapons to the Afghan resistance that, by decade's end, saw the Soviet Union retreating in defeat.
However, the US wanted to use Afghan resistance to make Afghanistan Vietnam of the then USSR.
When the Russian is later abducted, Bond follows the trail to Afghanistan, where he joins the Afghan resistance in order to thwart the plan 1987 ***
In addition to the public measures he announced, Carter quietly signed a presidential finding authorizing the CIA to organize aid and military support to the Afghan resistance.
The youngest brother of Ahmad Shah Masood, the slain Afghan resistance fighter, said a government of national unity was the only way to take Afghanistan out of current crisis.
and Afghan resistance fighters) on the ground and the military strategists (Franks and company) back at CENTCOM HQ.
Peter Tomsen, the US special envoy to Afghan resistance fighters during their war against Soviet occupation two decades ago, told the Washington Times in October 2008: "The CIA made some cardinal errors when we went into Afghanistan by passing out millions and millions of dollars to Dostum .
To explain why Al Qaeda is no longer a threat, he provides a briskly written history of the organisation, showing its emergence from the disintegrating local jihadist movements of the mid-1990s--not the Afghan resistance of the 1980s, as many believe--in "a desperate effort to rescue a sinking ship by altering its course".
For example, the military favoured an alliance with popular Afghan resistance leaders like Ahmad Shah Massoud, whereas KGB chief Vladimir Kriuchkov and Soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze favoured exclusive support of Najibullah, who mistrusted Massoud (p.
The US-led military intervention in Afghanistan, in the wake of the 9/11 al Qaeda-linked terrorist attacks in the United States from bases in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, has spurred renewed interest in studying the military history of the turbulent land, particularly the Soviet war against the Afghan resistance in the 1980s.
Addressing a press conference at the Press Club here on Saturday, Maulana Abdul Aziz Kakar asked the US and NATO forces to give a clear timeframe for drawdown from Afghanistan and facilitate the process of dialogue between Taliban, Afghan Resistance and Ulema and Afghan government.
Only those Taliban who are free and who can speak their own voice without any pressure from any quarter, only those would be credible voices who would speak for the Afghan resistance," said Rustum Shah Mohmand.
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