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tall graceful breed of hound with a long silky coat


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During that time, the 29-year-old spends around 35 hours bathing the Afghan hound then untangling and combing its fur.
Long-haired runners show their paces A SOUTH Wales greyhound track is becoming the regional centre of a highly unusual but fast growing sport - Afghan hound racing.
NAME: Sofico Griselda BREED: Afghan Hound AGE: 15 months WHERE FROM: Conwy OWNER: Grenys Chadwick MRS CHADWICK SAID: "Sofico will be scored on her beauty and confirmation (the way she moves).
I've seen it all now - from Afghan compounds to Afghan hounds. I suppose this is what they meant by War On Terriers.
Lost pal: Army handler naps on Benji, who died in Iraq Ultimate sacrifice: Lance Corporal Ken Rowe and his dog Sasha, who were killed together in a Taliban ambush in Sangin Afghan hounds: Two Army search dogs with their handlers in Helmand province, Afghanistan.
It's a very independent dog," McGreevy who has owned and bred afghan hounds since 1975, said.
With lots of dogs, from aristocratic Afghan hounds to zany Ibizan hounds, this is a delightful adventure for dog lovers of all ages.
What made a night at Walthamstow so special Clockwise: Mike Reid and Peter Dean, Desert Orchid, Vinnie Jones and Gary Baggs, Former Wimbledon manager Joe Kinnear, the Racing Post Festival pipers, big race nights, a blanket finish, shetland ponies, John McCririck, Save Our Stow campaigners and the unforgetable afghan hounds - that was the Stow experience
Beginning with his friend, the legendary Long Island breeder of Afghan Hounds, Sunny Shay, Mr.
Everyone knows Volvo make big family cars in which practicality takes front seat and performance is confined to how many Afghan hounds you can squeeze into the luggage space.
I never tired of traveling with my Afghan Hounds, always living with and learning from those around me."
One of the three was miscarried and among the two cloned baby Afghan hounds who were born, one died of pneumonia just 22 days after birth, leaving only Snuppy to survive.
Afghan hounds are put through their paces in the show ring; Katrina Pettitt, aged nine, from Devon, with Ella, her Bedlington Terrier; I can get tired of this: A Basenji in the show ring; Too tired to care: Basset Hounds wait their turn
Blackburn has worked with dogs for 30 years and began her training at the age of 18 in a showroom of 13 Afghan hounds. Blackburn is a former PetsMart dog trainer and has served as a water evaluator and trainer for search and rescue dogs.
Inspired by that first dog, Frei started breeding and showing Afghan hounds - casually at first, then more seriously.
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