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Synonyms for affine

(anthropology) kin by marriage

(mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations

(anthropology) related by marriage


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The affine grid not only maps a space for composing color, but, because of the logic of its structure, produces a movement that has no center.
But what I want to introduce here is the connection I make between the affine and the face.
An affine section in the bundle E is a differentiable map M [??] E such that [pi] o s = [id.sub.M].
Every vector bundle is an affine bundle, called a central affine bundle.
Then the natural projection [[pi].sub.I] : T[M.sub.I] [right arrow] T[M.sub.I] is the projection of an affine bundle.
The affine bundles T[M.sub.I] [right arrow] [M.sub.I] and [J.sup.1][pi] [right arrow] [M.sub.I] are isomorphic.
In the general case, the t-tangent bundle T[M.sub.I] is an affine bundle.
The total space of the cotangent bundle [T.sup.*][M.sub.I] is canonically diffeomorphic with the total space [T.sup.[dagger]][M.sub.I] of the affine dual of T[M.sub.I] [right arrow] [M.sub.I]
It follows that we can consider an affine Hamiltonian h on T[M.sub.I] as h: T[M.sub.I] [right arrow] [T.sup.[dagger][M.sub.I] = [T.sup.*][M.sub.I].
Furthermore, the emic function the Anganen assign to omana and angare is to promote harmony between affines through communion as the mutual consumption of food in Anganen forges co-identification between consumers.
With small omana there is a sense of gender complementarity and a commonality among affines through the mutual consumption of food.
I have noted that death causes anger and opposition between those that should share harmonious relations, affines and allies.
However, the Anganen emphasise that young men have great shame in the presence of their would-be affines due to the likely commencement of sexual relations with their daughter or sister.
As pigs are often metonymic of humans, it may be that this exchange is one of a kind of reciprocity, with the fecundity associated with a man's ancestors given for that of his affines, namely his wife's fertility.
Like the 'work' of proper sexuality that transforms a woman's fertility once associated with her natal group into that productive for her husband, her husband gives that associated with his agnates, the 'pigs of his ancestors', to his affines to transform through work into that of benefit to them.