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Synonyms for affine

(anthropology) kin by marriage

(mathematics) of or pertaining to the geometry of affine transformations

(anthropology) related by marriage


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ATSMs specify the risk-neutral evolution of some unobservable factors responsible for the dynamics of the yield curve by making the yields of different maturities an affine (linear) function of those factors.
Duffie and Kan (1996) study ATSMs in detail and show how yields for every maturity can be represented as affine functions of some unobserved factors-latent variables.
They derive a model similar to traditional ATSMs, but in which the coefficients of the affine functions that describe yields match the Nelson-Siegel factor loadings.
ATSMs assume that the short-term interest rate is an affine function (2) of a state vector X(t) of N underlying factors, which can be observable (macroeconomic variables) or latent (Piazzesi, 2010).
I use a grid called the affine grid, which I began working with in the fall of 2009 for various reasons.
This space that the affine helps to make gives me a way of working as a result of which I have a sense from the start of a certain kind of relationship to the obvious-the structure and size of the canvas.
The affine grid not only maps a space for composing color, but, because of the logic of its structure, produces a movement that has no center.
An affine section in the bundle E is a differentiable map M [?
Every vector bundle is an affine bundle, called a central affine bundle.
It follows that we can consider an affine Hamiltonian h on T[M.
Let us find a way to construct non-trivial affine Hamiltonians using Hamiltonians on [M.
Furthermore, the emic function the Anganen assign to omana and angare is to promote harmony between affines through communion as the mutual consumption of food in Anganen forges co-identification between consumers.
With small omana there is a sense of gender complementarity and a commonality among affines through the mutual consumption of food.
I have noted that death causes anger and opposition between those that should share harmonious relations, affines and allies.
However, the Anganen emphasise that young men have great shame in the presence of their would-be affines due to the likely commencement of sexual relations with their daughter or sister.