affine transformation

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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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One useful complex derived using the join operator is the cone over K, defined as v [multiplied by] K for some vertex v affinely independent of K.
Geometric and abstract simplexes are closely related: any affinely independent set of vectors {[v.sub.0], ..., [v.sub.n]} span both a geometric and abstract simplex.
The vertexes of any [L.sup.p - q - 1] [element of] lk([T.sup.q], B) are affinely independent of the vertexes of [T.sup.q], so t is affinely independent of each [L.sup.p - q - 1].
Recall that a sequence of vertexes [s.sub.0], ..., [s.sub.k] is affinely independent if [s.sub.1] -- [s.sub.0], ..., [s.sub.k] -- [s.sub.0] are linearly independent.
Simplexes A = ([a.sub.0], ..., [a.sub.k]) and B = ([b.sub.0], ..., [b.sub.l]) are affinely independent if the sequence [a.sub.0], ..., [a.sub.k], [b.sub.0], ..., [b.sub.l] is affinely independent.