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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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2003) which support affine transformations, they either have high complexity and thus are not scalable, or assume the same approximate size for the two point sets.
As illustrated in Figure 5, for affine transformations, shape is not preserved but the area ratio between any two regions remains constant before and after deformation (Feeman and Marrero 2001).
Table 1 shows the segmentation performance (median of AED distances in pixels) as a function of the number of PCA components of the affine transformation used in the statistical connection model.
The median of AED distances in pixels between automatically and manually derived landmarks positions for the supervising model (method M3) and the two-level optimization (method M4), given as a function of the number of PCA components of the affine transformation used in the statistical connection model.
It is known as affine transformation as the transformation that results of the combination of translation, rotation and scale, defined by:
Two curve segments are equivalents if they can be obtained one from the other using an affine transformation.
Affine transformations can be appliedto any object--triangles, leaves, mountains, ferns, chimneys, clouds--or even the space in which an object sits.
Now the original image or "target,'whether leaf or cloud, can be thrown away, leaving only the corresponding collection of affine transformations.
1997), the connectivity properties of the Boolean model are invariant by affine transformations, which changes the shapes and the sizes, but does not introduce any new connection (this property was used to estimate the 3D connectivity number of a Boolean model of ellipsoids).
Schaffrin and Felus (2006) were able to avoid the structure in the case of affine transformations by expressing the mathematical model as a multivariate TLS problem.
Sprinsky (1987) utilized an affine transformation to convert digitizer coordinates to map or world coordinates; Morad et al.
Indeed, the only edge-preserving transformations from sphere to plane are gnomonic projections followed by arbitrary perspective or affine transformations of the plane to itself; and none of these composite transformations preserve the Delaunay property (empty circumcircles).
Finally, the algorithm creates triangulation on the image based on the baselines, and draws the triangles to a new image by using affine transformations such that every baseline is a straight line in the new image and both the margins are vertical.
The book examines fractal imaging using affine transformations and features a most impressive use of the technology - digital image compression.
The main features of IFS models are their simplicity and mathematical soundness: An IFS consists of a set of contractive affine transformations, which express a unique image (the attractor) in terms of selfsimilarities in a simple geometric way.