affine transformation

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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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The registration process consists of feature extraction, feature matching, and affine transform [19].
Part number TMPV7506XBG TMPV7504XBG CPU core Toshiba original 32-bit RISC CPU Media Embedded Processor (MeP) Image recognition engine Toshiba original multi-core media processor "Venezia" (incorporating " MPE " x 4) Image processing accelerators Affine transform 1ch Filter 2ch Histogram 1ch Histogram of oriented gradient (HOG) 1ch - Matching 1ch On-chip ROM/RAM Mask ROM: 64 Kbytes SRAM: 2080 Kbytes On-chip peripheral functions Video input I/F 4ch 2ch Video output I/F 1ch Main memory controllers DDR2 SDRAM controller NOR Flash/SRAM controller PCI Express 1 lane - CAN controller 3ch I2C I/F 4ch UART I/F 5ch SPI I/F 4ch PCM I/F 2ch Timer 11ch Power supply voltage Core: 1.
One is the fast source location calculation algorithm utilizing affine transform for anisotropic structures.
Major classifications of eye detection under are: Hough Transform, Kalman Filters, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Affine Transform, Canny Edge detector and Gradient Algorithm.
The proposed descriptor is invariant to affine transform, including rotation, translation and scaling.