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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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Fixed Point Property for Continuous Affine Mappings
Otherwise, there exists [A.sub.0];[B.sub.0] [member of] [K.sub.[infinity]] with [A.sub.0] [not equal to] [B.sub.0] ; without loss of generality, assume there exists some [b.sub.0] [member of] [B.sub.0] such that [b.sub.0] [??] [A.sub.0]: By Hahn-Banach Separation Theorem, there exists some x* [member of] X* such that [mathematical expression not reproducible] Rex* (a) < Rex* ([b.sub.0]) : Let Rex* ([A.sub.0]) = [[a.sub.1]; [a.sub.2]]; Rex* ([B.sub.0]) = [[b.sub.1]; [b.sub.2]] [member of] CC(R); we have [a.sub.2] = sup Rex* (a) < Rex* ([b.sub.0]) [less than or equal to] [b.sub.2]: Define G : (CC(R); h) [right arrow] (R; |*|) by G([[a.sub.1];[a.sub.2]]) = [a.sub.2]: It follows from Lemma 5 (a) that G is a nonexpansive (hence continuous) affine mapping.
[phi] is an affine mapping. We know that, for every Bezier curve B, B and [phi](B) have the same geometric characteristics.
Azam, "S-boxes based on affine mapping and orbit of power function," 3D Research, vol.
They found that MI affine mapping combined with CC diffeomorphic mapping provided the best cortical labeling results.
It is worth recalling that if f is an affine mapping, then for any harmonic mapping F, the composition f o F is still harmonic.
According to the result of Proposition 5.2 and Remarks 6 and 10, we have obtained for the affine mapping T, the property of a-contraction in [R.sup.m] normed by [[parallel]*[parallel]*,p],[for all]p[member of][1,[infinity]].
If the matrix X is extended to the higher dimensional space and then shifted and/or rotated by an affine mapping, the double centering result of the corresponding product matrix stays the same.
According to the way the affine mapping [??], extending g, was defined in Proposition 5.2,
Some of the problems can be met in basic courses of Linear algebra and Geometry, where they serve as real-world problems to build and fasten the understanding of the notion of geometry mapping and the connection between affine mappings and matrices.
They cover the basics of Euclidean space, elementary geometrical figures and their properties, symmetries of the plane and of space (including affine mappings and centroids, projections, central dilations and translations, plane transformations and discrete and finite subgroups), hyperbolic geometry (including the Poincare and disc models) and spherical geometry.