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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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2] make an affine function of maximal stock level depending on market demand, given in the following form
Under this structure, Duffie and Kan (1996) show that the yield for any maturity [tau] can be obtained as an affine function of the state vector, that is,
Duffie and Kan (1996) study ATSMs in detail and show how yields for every maturity can be represented as affine functions of some unobserved factors-latent variables.
By definition, the piecewise affine function [omega] of a non-centered Young diagram is given by x [?
A nonconstant [GAMMA]-linear affine function cannot have a horizontal point of inflection [x.
Dependency: First, note that the dependency (z [right arrow] f(z)), by itself, simply denotes the affine function, f.
This is again an affine function of C(S) with intercept equal to the pay-off if unemployed.
In the case where the function h is an affine function, the even contest occurs when [Alpha][Sigma] = 1.
ice] can be represented as an affine function of the fuel power [P.
i] be the affine functions defining the faces of the moment polytope; [DELTA] = [[PHI].
They cover cones, cones in topological vector spaces, Yudin and pull-back cones, Krein operators, K-lattices, order extensions, piecewise affine functions and in a fascinating appendix, linear topologies.
When K is a compact convex set, we will denote the order unit space of continuous real-valued affine functions on K by Aff (K).
When control flow consists only of for loops, and all subscripts and loop bounds are affine functions of the symbolic constants and surrounding loop index variables, Eq.
Moreover, the profit functions of the supply chain members are all affine functions of the whole supply chain's profit function.