affine transformation

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(mathematics) a transformation that is a combination of single transformations such as translation or rotation or reflection on an axis

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6 by fitting an affine function represented, respectively, by the dashed and dot-dashed lines in this figure.
By definition, the piecewise affine function [omega] of a non-centered Young diagram is given by x [?
A nonconstant [GAMMA]-linear affine function cannot have a horizontal point of inflection [x.
In the case where the function h is an affine function, we can obtain more definite result about total effort level: For [Sigma] [is less than or equal to] 2, total effort level is always increasing in the valuation parameter [Alpha]; for [Sigma] [is greater than] 2, total effort level is increasing in [Alpha] until [Alpha] reaches 1/([Sigma] - 2) and then is decreasing in [Alpha].
u] of F(z, u) is an affine function of u when u [member of] [-1,0]: