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The inconsistencies in Adorco's affidavits pertaining to dates and place of meeting with drug supplier where the initial drug deal was made; the months and years covering the drug transactions and the volume of drugs involved; the number of drug deliveries and quantity involved; the identity of the alleged drug courier of the supplier who delivered the drugs; the persons present during the time the drug deal was hatched cannot be considered inconsequential,' the DOJ resolution stated.
He claims the officers threatened his family and that they are pursuing him for commissioning affidavits and giving evidence on the petition pending at the Machakos court.
Deputy Attorney general Khawaja Imtiaz informed the court that affidavits of SHO and SSP Islamabad have been submitted while affidavits of commissioner and district magistrate have yet to come.
After the clubs submit affidavits to us we will send a list of such clubs to the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB)", he mentioned.
Sources also said that based on the notings it appears that the Attorney General's legal opinion was not taken before the second affidavit was filed in Supreme Court.
Affidavits are signed pledges or declarations made by the applicant to support a variety of applications, such as a promise to financially support a person sponsored by the applicant in the UAE, a no-objection certificate from the UAE-based parent to enable their minor child to apply for a new passport in India, and other procedures.
The arrest warrant affidavit, written by Connecticut State Police Detective Daniel Bavosi, states that "Victim 1'' told him Mr.
The lawyer of alleged P10 billion pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles on Monday handed over the complete and extended affidavit of his client, which contained the detailed scheme of the multi-billion peso racket and the alleged participation of senators, congressmen, and government officials in the scam.
According to the court, the PM should have filed the affidavits while lodging his petition or sought for the leave of the court to file further affidavits.
In addition to the affidavit of a medical expert's review filed with the complaint, the plaintiffs disclosed affidavits during discovery identifying Drs.
To prove this, Relational submitted to the district court a return of service and two affidavits signed by a British process server, Karen Johns, who attested she had served a man who identified himself as Robert Hodges.
Procedural Rules That May Be Invoked When Submitting Reply Affidavits in Support of Summary Judgment A.
Summary: Tripoli- The Transparency Verification Committee (TVC) released on Tuesday its long awaited report on the transparency affidavits presented by Libyan public officials and senior personalities in the private sector.
The Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled that a state law requiring medical malpractice plaintiffs to file affidavits supporting the validity of their claims is unconstitutional.
As of July 1, 2006, all existing high-rise office buildings must be in compliance with the new law and file, affidavits with the Department by the same date.