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Synonyms for afferent

transmitting impulses from sense organs to nerve centers


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Synonyms for afferent

a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system

of nerves and nerve impulses

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"If we can better understand the neurobiological underpinnings of techniques like infant massage, we can improve the advice we give to parents on how to comfort their babies." That speed of stroking activates a class of sensory neurons in the skin called C-tactile afferents, which have been previously been shown to reduce pain in adults.
The M1 provides flexibility of movement by ensuring that the muscle groups that control the joints work in synergy and expertly uses the information coming from the sensory afferents while doing this (10).
AchE is considered to be the primary neurotransmitter used to regulate GI motility [27] and to participate in the primary afferents of analgesic information of AP [28].
This convergence of nociceptive afferents and sensitization of TCC neurons have clinical correlates such as hypersensitivity and the spread and referral of pain frequently seen in patients with primary headaches such as migraines.
Khebri a releve que l'Algerie avait mis en place le cadre legal de l'investissement dans le domaine des energies renouvelables, et ce, dans l'objectif de developper toute l'infrastructure liee a ce secteur et d'encourager le partenariat pour la fabrication des equipements y afferents en Algerie.
Rabchevsky, "Intraspinal sprouting of unmyelinated pelvic afferents after complete spinal cord injury is correlated with autonomic dysreflexia induced by visceral pain," Neuroscience, vol.
Long-term regeneration of abdominal vagus: Efferents fail while afferents succeed.
Il s'agit de conferer de la transparence aux operations de fournitures d'hydrocarbures et aux comptes y afferents au niveau de l'Etat et des etablissements concernes, outre la concretisation de l'orientation de rationalisation du systeme de compensation dans le secteur des hydrocarbures, selon la meme source qui n'a cependant pas precise a quelle structure sera confie l'approvisionnement de ces etablissements en gaz et petrole.
To record from muscle spindle afferents from these muscles, thin filaments were teased from [L.sub.6] dorsal root using sharpened forceps under a dissecting microscope until impulse activity from a single unit with a receptive field in the paraspinal muscles could be identified.
La Commission des finances et du developpement economique a la Chambre des representants a adopte, mardi, a la majorite le projet de decret-relatif a la dissolution et a la liquidation de l'Agence du partenariat pour le progres et a l'unanimite le projet de decret-loi abrogeant et remplacant la loi N 120-12 relative a l'annulation des majorations, amendes, penalites et frais de recouvrement afferents aux taxes, droits, contributions et redevances dus aux communes, prefectures, provinces et regions.
In their new study, Sliman Bensmaia from the University of Chicago, two former undergraduates and a postdoctoral scholar in his lab-Matthew Best, Emily Mackevicius and Hannes Sl - found that the skin is also highly sensitive to vibrations, and that these vibrations produce corresponding oscillations in the afferents, or nerves, that carry information from the receptors to the brain.
CGRP, a neuropeptide, is present exclusively in the neuronal bodies of the C-fibre afferents and also known to be inhibited by the neurotoxin capsaicin.[sup.14] Hence, CGRP content of neuronal bodies, including the DRG, can reflect the activity of the C-fibre afferents.
Les membres des deux commissions generales de l'Assemblee du peuple et du Conseil consultatif ont examine, avant-hier samedi, les 296 propositions concernant les aspects techniques et des procedures afferents a la formation de l'Assemblee constituante.