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a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system

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This point of additional increase in HR has been linked to direct afferent signals emanating from the muscle tissue as a result of metabolite (C[O.sub.2], [H.sup.+]) accumulation (21,22,36).
EAI can develop by the afferent signals directly affecting the M1 neurons or indirectly through a sensory-motor short cycle.
It has been also suggested that ACL-resection-associated disruption of the afferent signals from the mechanoreceptor of ACL may modulate the muscle tone around the knee joint (Barrack et al., 1989; Barrett et al., 1991; Johansson et al., 1991; Kanemura et al., 2002; Ochi et al., 2002; Ochi et al., 1999).
It is the projection site of primary afferent signals from the pelvic organs.
A similar abnormality in processing of afferent signals may exist in women with OAB also.
High-frequency afferent signals generated by a stretched urinary bladder wall initiate contraction of the bladder by simultaneously exciting sacral parasympathetic preganglionic neurons and inhibiting lumbar sympathetic preganglionic neurons.
Centrally, aprepitant is thought to act by modulation of afferent signals received in the area postrema and the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS).
Three main components contribute to dyspnoea: afferent signals, efferent signals, and central information processing.