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a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system

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Neuroma formation and abnormal afferent nerve discharges after partial beak amputation (beak-trimming) in poultry.
Consequently, we previously proposed a mechanism of increased sensitivity of the afferent nerves in patients with airway symptoms induced by scents and chemicals and suggested using the term "sensory hyperreactivity" (SHR; Millqvist et al.
Critics have argued that the symptomatic improvement that most patients report following the Stretta procedure is simply due to destruction of afferent nerves in the lower esophageal mucosa, with the result that continued reflux becomes asymptomatic.
The bio-effects listed by the developer, Mission Research Corporation, include: shrapnel-less flash-bang, cutaneous peripheral afferent nerves (pain, susceptibility to chemical agents, lesions), cutaneous peripheral efferent nerves (temporary paralysis, choking, fibrillation), central nervous system (disorientation).
P2X3 receptors are preclinically well-validated targets, highly specific to unmyelinated, C fiber afferent nerves that have dense innervations in visceral organs, skin and joints.