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Synonyms for affective

relating to, arising from, or appealing to the emotions

Synonyms for affective

characterized by emotion

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Data from this trial will be used to design Phase 3 studies in subjects who suffer from treatment-resistant affective disorders.
notes that a number of students with autism, ADD, affective disorders, and other unseen disabilities are drawn to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (also referred to as STEM).
Washington, June 28 ( ANI ): Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have revealed that individuals with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)-a winter depression that leads to loss of motivation and interest in daily activities-have misconceptions about their sleep habits similar to those of insomniacs.
The study is published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.
Various possible relationships between alcoholism and affective disorders have been postulated (see table 1) (for more information, see Nurnberger and Berrettini 1998; Merikangas and Gelernter 1990).
Serious problems remain, however, in generating reliable and valid research assessments for affective disorders in children and adolescents.
Frank, Elliott, Corcoran and Wonderlich (1987) evaluated 32 patients using a semistructured interview that permitted diagnosis by DSM-III criteria for affective disorders.
Studies of creativity and affective disorders need to consider distinguished people who are not artists, he points out.
Abilify (aripiprazole), indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia and related conditions, is the company's flagship Affective Disorders product.
The study has been published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.
Practical management of affective disorders in older people; a multi-professional approach.
It is a prominent symptom of both schizophrenia and the affective disorders.
This type of research is expected to clarify the heterogeneity of affective disorders and lead to better diagnosis and treatment.