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In addition, each applicant must furnish signed and witnessed affadavits from four referees guaranteeing his moral probity as well as the bona fides of statements in the Memorial.
1998) [hereinafter Quinn Affadavit (Garner)] (on file with author).
The affadavit featured in this article comes from the Records of the District Courts of the United States, Record Group 21, and is housed in the National Archives-Northeast Region in New York, N.
According to the affadavit, Schmidt offered reasons "other than the fact that VW was intentionally cheating on U.
In an affadavit the victim filed seeking to have the charges dropped, she said only that she made the request because she felt it was in her and her child's best interests.
In addition, anyone sending money to Cuba must sign an affadavit swearing that the cash isn't going to Cuban government officials or members of the Cuban Communist Party.
Yesterday her own lawyer said: "She has sworn an affadavit and is considering action on Mr Beckham's defamatory comments.
In an affadavit, the former actress said Law's actions ``increased the effects of post-natal depression, leading me to have to take treatment three times''.
In a two-page statement in response to the Orange Order's request for a review of its decision, the Commission said it was "considerably encouraged" by the affadavit presented to them on behalf of the Portadown Orangemen by mediators in Belfast yesterday.
Nicky advised (that) Mark started having problems and stopped breathing,'' the affadavit said.
According to press reports of the hearing held on the ACLu challenge, it was an affadavit from journalist Friendly which convinced Ingham County Court Judge Peter Houk to put LaRouche on the ballot.
We also have an affadavit from Vinod Hindocha, the father of Anni Dewani - he was with Mr Dewani at that time - and confirms that Mr Dewani left his company without explanation after receiving a phone call, and that has been confirmed from telephone records.
Last night, Scott said: "I have never in my life had to swear an affadavit to prove I was telling the truth.
According to the arrest affadavit, Bluestein said he was approached by an Irishwoman calling herself Siobhan Browne at a gun show in Fort Lauderdale in April.