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And former paratrooper Peter McMullen has signed an affadavit which shows how he was given preferential treatment and a shorter prison sentence for making the claims in the first place.
The paper had handed Clarence House a signed affadavit by Smith, in which he claimed to have witnessed an incident involving Charles.
In an affadavit filed by Hamner and his team, they said: "Shanabarger said he planned to make Amy feel the way he did when his father died.
The association will swear in an affadavit on Tuesday - but it now seems likely that the matter won't be dealt with by Judge Vivion Laval until next Friday at the earliest.
But Morris has asked the State Attorney to fax back questions and O'Connell - who scored the fight a draw - will answer them in a sworn affadavit.
The Reds are in court this morning to swear in an affadavit - they're looking for an interim injunction against the decision of arbitrator Liam Reidy to award nine points back to St Pat's recently.
And I have an affadavit from his second wife Gail in which she says he paid for her 1985 abortion and did not try to stop her from having it.
We're waiting for the affadavit to arrive, so it could be Wednesday before it's sworn in," he confirmed.
Legal expert Peter Watson said: "The divorce could happen within days of the affadavit being lodged.
An unidentified parent and her seven-year-old daughter claimed in an affadavit there has been a lack of effective policing to protect them.
They will be focusing on claims that cash changed hands after Badar was approached to sign an affadavit saying he witnessed a plot by rivals to wreck Sarwar's election campaign.
His immediate family have signed an affadavit confirming that all understood David's grandfather was born in Edinburgh.