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Sheikh Mshari Al Afasi told Petra that the document, which was translated into several languages, had contributed to highlighting the teachings of moderate Islam.
The convention will host Sheikh Mishari Bin Rashid Al Afasi, Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Dr Zakir Naik, Sheikh Ismail Bin Musa Minq, Sheikh Mohammed Salah, Sheikh Tawfiq Tshodri, along with Sheikh Noman Ali Khan, Sheikh Asim Al-Hakim, Sheikh WalId Bassiouni, Sheikh Abdul Bari Yehya, Sheikh Saeed Rajeh, and Sheikh Ahmed Hamid.
Talks and presentations were held by renowned scholars from 10am till 11pm which was punctuated by Friday prayers led by Shaikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasi, Imam of Kuwait's Masjid Al Kabeer.
Afasi said under the plan, exempted workers can sponsor themselves and will enjoy full freedom of movement and choosing jobs.
Three acclaimed imams, including Mishari Rashid Al Afasi, have been invited to lead night prayers at the mosque this year and are expected to draw a large turnout, added Alobaidli.