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a distance


  • a distance
  • a long way away
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An estimated 15,000 nomads from the Afar region of Eastern Ethiopia have travelled for the last month covering more than 100 miles in a desperate attempt to find food and pasture land.
Meanwhile, sick and elderly relatives have been left behind in Afar, facing an uncertain future in a region with little drinkable water, no crops and few other means of support.
Afars inhabit one of the least hospitable terrains on earth and are renowned for their prowess in battle.
While this is the reality, the international community yet again has sat on its co-tails while innocent and helpless Eritrean Afars and Eritreans in general are being brutally murdered on daily bases," Yasin further said.
A number of politicians agree that Eritrean minorities, the Afars and the Kunamas are considered by the Eritrean government as threats to the existence of its one party system.
Eritrean Afars are the worst affected people by the recent conflict along the Djbouti border " Spokes person for Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), Yasin Mohamed told Sudan tribune "Hundreds of Eritrean Afars are forced out of their home by the conflict and a big number of their live stokes are killed" He added (ST)
January 13, 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Eritrean Afar nationals have held their first Diaspora Conference in Sweden calling on the international community to intervene to end worsening atrocities committed by the regime in Asmara.