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Synonyms for gnetum

small tropical tree with tiered branches and divaricate branchlets having broad glossy dark green leaves

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The Afang soup is ready to be served with your preferred swallow.
The pakarongay members' condensed spurt of growth into the world of kapah was dependent upon support ('afang) and blessings (lmed) from the initiation brothers and fathers, especially from the agency of the mama no kapah (the fathers of the youths), who represented an established hierarchy of paternal social authority.
Nutritional and phytogeriatological studies of three varieties of Gnettum africanum (afang).
Thus, in the "gebied" of Kilmuri, the kampong Dawana, Afang, and K(w)amar have orang tua, although Batoloming has a mayor.
The researchers had selected garri with afang soup, pounded yam with edikang ikong soup and ekpang nkukwo, all traditional Nigerian diets, and compared their efficacy with plantain with beans porridge(reference diet), for use in the management of diabetes mellitus.
Afang leaves are climbing leafy plants and are easy to grow in the garden.