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El bautizo oficial de la nueva productora fue en noviembre de 1924, cuando en una noche de gala en el teatro Augusto (hoy cine Adriano) de Roma se proyecto ante mas de cinco mil invitados Aethiopia, el filme de Civinini y Martini producido por Luce sobre la campana italiana en Africa.
De InstaurandaAEthiopum Salute Historia de AEthiopia, Naturaleza, Policia Sagrada y profana, Costumbres, ritos y Cathecismo Evangelico, de todos losAEthiopes co que se restaura la salud de sus almas.
AETHIOPIA have owned up to fielding an ineligible player in the 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over South Africa.
AETHIOPIA POINT MAN IN THE UAE , Mesganu Arga Moach is a busy man.
24) Szalc (forthcoming): 'The long-perpetuated inability to differentiate between the land of Aethiopia and the black Aethiopes indirectly produced the conflation of Africa and India in common belief, as Indians were also noted for their dark complexion.
So far as the records of language and mythology can offer us guidance, there is nothing beyond Egypt and Aethiopia but Africa.
Cepheus: Named after Cepheus, King of Aethiopia in Greek mythology, this constellation features three red "supergiants" visible to the naked eye.
Her reading experience is short-lived and a failure, according to Hirst's criteria: in the passage Rachel happens upon, Roman generals who attempt the reduction of Aethiopia and Arabia Felix find themselves overwhelmed by the tropical climate which favors and protects "the unwarlike natives of those sequestered regions" (196), and they give up their northern expansion into Europe as particularly Germany is "filled with a hardy race of barbarians, who despised life when it was separated from freedom" (196).
It praises how plants had been collected from Scythia, the Pillars of Hercules, Britannia and Aethiopia and brought to Rome.