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king of the English who succeeded to the throne after his half-brother Edward the Martyr was murdered

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The king in question was AEthelred II, misnamed `the Unready' (r.
Lawson, "Archbishop Wulfstan and the Homiletic Element in the Laws of AEthelred II and Cnut," English Historical Review 424 (1992): 572.
Our host's sharply personalized reactions are also part of the provocation, whether it is warm praise for particular poems and sculptures or distaste for AEthelred II, 'sentimental identification', 'Rave in the Nave', literary theory, and exegetical criticism.
First of all, she outlines how the carefully nurtured relationship between king and nobles that had been established by Alfred and his successors was broken down during the struggles between Aethelred II and the Danish forces of Swegn and Cnut.