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Criticisms of federal government efforts to counter animal rights extremists have focused on the AETA itself and First Amendment-related issues.
a) AETA Reaches a Substantial Amount of Constitutionally Protected Speech
The nuns provide scholarships to 36 Aeta, 32 of whom are in primary classes up to grade six with two more in high school.
Following the passage of the AETA, other extremist animal rights protest groups indicated that the new act would only provoke further underground activity Activists who previously only employed legal tactics were concerned that they would face prosecution by the government due to the new measures regardless, and therefore were considering more militant actions as little incentive remained to stay "above ground" and face detection by officials.
It is indeed possible, because the AETA is overbroad, vague and subject to the whims of law enforcement.
Just a few days ago, one of the students was married," she shared, noting that the age of 12 is already a marriageable age for Aeta girls.
Prior to AETA's enactment, critics feared that a plain, technical reading of AETA would convert traditional acts of whistleblowing into a federal offense.
The Aeta, whose curly hair, dark skin and small stature are distinctly different from most Filipinos, subsisted on slash and burn farming of rice, bananas and root crops on the slopes of the volcano.
Carlow & (c) Lelane consultancy ltd having its registered office at aeta place, gortnakesh, cavan, co.
In Zambales, an Aeta student was the first in the province to receive the vaccine.
Deposits and Guarantees required: t set se e t t pa aeta se psst 0,5 % ep t pps dap speaa t daat paes ( speaa t aat F) t tat t tt t d t tat 3 (st pepts p psf a ea da t da 3) a ta pa peta psf.
We have also provided the provincial government P14-million grant for the construction of 148 houses of Aeta Families in barangay Nabuklod in Floridablanca," Gonzales added.
Maestra'-which tells the stories of three generations of mentors, the newbie (Anna), the Aeta (Angeli Bayani) and the retiree (Gloria Sevilla)-depicts the quiet fortitude of public school teachers.