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a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc

a philosopher who specializes in the nature of beauty


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Exuivance is also offering treatments with expert aestheticians in two private treatment rooms.
According to the Aesthetics International Association, aestheticians who work with dermatologists are able to offer additional services, including laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and many types of chemical peels.
Aestheticians in the skin care department offer a choice of 30 treatments, which are delivered in two private cabins at prices ranging from $50 to $220.
The aestheticians in the skin care department will be taking bookings for a choice of some 30 treatments ranging from a chocolate scrub to a deep -leaning treatment that brightens the complexion.
Massage therapists and aestheticians often find themselves debunking myths about spa treatments clients hope will shave off pounds.
Aestheticians are employed in places like beauty salons, spas, and specialty sections of department stores; medical aestheticians, also called paramedical aestheticians, often work for licensed healthcare providers, including offices of plastic surgeons and dermatologists.
He recognized that Newman, who was sometimes profound, but more often clever, sought to give art an ahistorical, ontological basis--an effort for which many aestheticians have been justifiably refuted.
Some of the methodological proposals, findings and insights of such classics of Polish aesthetics as Ingarden, Tatarkiewicz and Ossowski are--he argues--still relevant, and some of them have even anticipated such aesthetic reflections of non-Polish aestheticians.
She is the first licensed aesthetician in the US to become certified in Intimate Skin Bleaching and will be serving male and female clients in Tampa Bay.
AESTHETICIANS (OR ESTHETI- CIANS) SPECIALIZE IN THE STUDY of skin care, including facial treatments, body wraps, salt glows, waxing as a form of hair removal, and cosmetic make-up services.
Client skin types are individually evaluated and "biotyped" so aestheticians can address each unique need with a vast collection of products boasting fine natural plant extracts, trace minerals and essential oils.
It is aestheticians, not animals, who are liable to come to grief here.
The new facility provides 64 cosmetology stations, which are decked out in black and chrome, and work spaces for about 12 aestheticians, who provide skin care, and 15 manicurists.
The centerpiece of those efforts will be a campaign to educate spa aestheticians and therapists about melanoma, reminding them to be on the lookout for suspicious-looking moles and especially to encourage their clients to have moles checked by their medical doctors.
This system, he says, prevents consumers from buying and applying products like glycolic acid peels, which are best applied by aestheticians; and aestheticians from performing 30% TCA on clients, which is best performed by physicians.