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a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc

a philosopher who specializes in the nature of beauty


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Miss Esthe's aestheticians are trained by Japanese master trainers.
DERMASCOPE Magazine's fourth annual Aestheticians' Choice Awards (ACAs) are given to honor the best, aesthetician-approved products on the market.
Exuivance is also offering treatments with expert aestheticians in two private treatment rooms.
According to the Aesthetics International Association, aestheticians who work with dermatologists are able to offer additional services, including laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and many types of chemical peels.
Aestheticians in the skin care department offer a choice of 30 treatments, which are delivered in two private cabins at prices ranging from $50 to $220.
The aestheticians in the skin care department will be taking bookings for a choice of some 30 treatments ranging from a chocolate scrub to a deep -leaning treatment that brightens the complexion.
Massage therapists and aestheticians often find themselves debunking myths about spa treatments clients hope will shave off pounds.
Aestheticians' and medical aestheticians' jobs vary, depending on where they work.
Moreover, Hess's reference to Newman as an aesthetician was ironical, in view of Newman's well-known low opinion of aestheticians.
Some of the methodological proposals, findings and insights of such classics of Polish aesthetics as Ingarden, Tatarkiewicz and Ossowski are--he argues--still relevant, and some of them have even anticipated such aesthetic reflections of non-Polish aestheticians.
The certification training came about due to the high demand for this service from clients, and from aestheticians inquiring how they could become trained, since there was no advanced aesthetics training center in the US or overseas providing it.
AESTHETICIANS (OR ESTHETI- CIANS) SPECIALIZE IN THE STUDY of skin care, including facial treatments, body wraps, salt glows, waxing as a form of hair removal, and cosmetic make-up services.
Client skin types are individually evaluated and "biotyped" so aestheticians can address each unique need with a vast collection of products boasting fine natural plant extracts, trace minerals and essential oils.
As befits an academic who writes regularly for the global culture magazine PopMatters, films, music videos, television sitcoms, and the published observations of "New Black Aestheticians" like Greg Tate, bell hooks, Kevin Powell, Tricia Rose, and Michael Eric Dyson serve as his preferred dat abase and sounding board.
The product, unveiled in Bernau, Germany, in 1930, worked splendidly and won Albers her Bauhaus degree, as well as awards and outside attention from aestheticians and engineers.