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Synonyms for aesthetician

a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc

a philosopher who specializes in the nature of beauty


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The Intimate Care[TM] line from SweetSpot Labs[R] is now available to the professional aesthetician community in Ontario through Aestheticians' Supply.
Spadaccino received her education in business from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and is a licensed Medical Aesthetician in both Texas and Pennsylvania.
Laser treatments are offered in most plastic surgeons' practices so there is an inherent need for a better understanding of how to safely and properly administer laser treatments by aestheticians, physician extenders and plastic surgeons alike," notes Jeffrey M.
com's experts, a knowledgeable team of certified aestheticians and massage therapists, bring this experience right to you by providing free, personal and live online consultations on any skin, body and hair care issue.
Attendees will receive a complimentary SKINstant Express Power Peel with the brand's signature peel as well as one-on-one skincare consultations with the expert aestheticians of Exuviance Skin Lab.
Aestheticians provide personalized, one-on-one skin assessments and recommend custom product regimens, providing guidance using SKINsight Imaging.
Our team of in-field aestheticians are uniquely positioned to advise, train, and support our current prospective clientele vis-a-vis the adoption and retailing of these wonderful products.
Aestheticians say the perfect way to keep your face fresh is by thoroughly cleansing it, removing impurities like whiteheads and blackheads, and by getting facials that stall the aging effects of the sun.
Though doctors supervise the stores, staffed by nurses and aestheticians, they're not always on hand while patients come in for procedures.
In the basics of skincare and makeup application, Michele's job is similar to that of most other aestheticians.
Although he provides a very strong account of jazz criticism in the 1930s, he might have done a more thorough job of detailing how the work of Hammond and Dodge diverged from or was similar to the cosmopolitan musical visions of Du Bois, Locke, and other black aestheticians.
Barnett Newman, one of Greenwich Village's best known homespun aestheticians, recently presented some of the products of his meditations.
According to Greg Washington, CEO of Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultant, "The traditional physician providers including plastic surgeons who less than 10 years ago where the only providers for aesthetic service, are painfully aware that the cosmetic patient is fair game to a wide variety of poachers including nurses, aestheticians, day spas operators, and others who are looking to cash in on this very lucrative market.
She is one of the most highly skilled aestheticians with whom I've worked.