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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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Denisoff's book helpfully traces the emergence of camp sensibility out of the complex range of attitudes revealed in a broad selection of Victorian texts about aestheticism, aesthetes, and sexuality.
This was the time when the Queen Anne style was revived by British architects and it was the perfect model for the houses wherethe Aesthetes took up their abodes and where they were hell-bent upon living up to their teapots and fashionable blue and white ginger jars.
Schaffer begins The Forgotten Female Aesthetes by positioning female aesthetic writers within the traditional history of aestheticism.
One suspects that Matthew Collings's bafflement at the power of formalism might be resolved by this survey of the territory currently shared by aesthetes and conceptualists.
The elegant and ethereal world of dance is an arena that gays and lesbians, aesthetes as we are known to be, are particularly drown to.
Sade's literary valorization of the vile exposes that which is hidden by platitudes and other "enlightened" justifications for the literal atrocities committed routinely in the name of God and country (though, of course, the self-interest of rich aesthetes escapes critique in this aristocrat's telling).
Paterian aesthetes substitute art for the ice cream cone and, finding themselves at a loss between artistic experiences, since they have concluded that life is just the experience of art, seek to construct a continuous sequence of such experiences, which they then call the history of art.
It was here, where panelists grappled publicly with the sort of uncomfortable art-meets-money questions that aesthetes usually try to avoid, that the event most made noises like a revolutionary art uprising.
As his caricatures of the aesthetes illustrate, the anti-aesthetic issues that surrounded the Wilde trials, such as the emerging codes governing homosexuality and the conflict over the arts, were hardly new in 1895.
His gently satiric caricatures were mainly aimed at the growing nouveau riche class and at the Aesthetes, led by Oscar Wilde.
Kirk made it seem that art really mattered--not as a rarefied experience reserved for aesthetes and intellectuals, but as an integral part of the good life, available to anyone who cared to look.
Since the mid 1970s, writers such as Myles have been hauling poetry out of the hands of prissy aesthetes and giving it back to homo rock and rollers like Liu, whose new book is Say Goodnight.
They range from British aesthetes such as John Ruskin to the philosophers of the Frankfurt School and their adherents (Herbert Marcuse and Jacques Ellul) to radical writers of our own time, such as Amory Lovins, Jeremy Rifkin, and Chellis Glendinning.
They inspired other French Aesthetes, including Theodore de Banville, Leconte de Lisle, and Charles Baudelaire.
the strategies of the Aesthetes have considerable lessons for contemporary debates about literary theory, for their emphasis upon a concept of the 'literariness' of literature was in stark contrast to the competing professional and institutional explanations then available" (p.