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a program under which employees regularly accumulate shares and may ultimately assume control of the company

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Seven centuries elapsed before the next notice is found of the Fables of Aesop.
He is charged on the one hand with having had before him a copy of Babrias (to whom we shall have occasion to refer at greater length in the end of this Preface), and to have had the bad taste "to transpose," or to turn his poetical version into prose: and he is asserted, on the other hand, never to have seen the Fables of Aesop at all, but to have himself invented and made the fables which he palmed off under the name of the famous Greek fabulist.
The eventual re-introduction, however, of these Fables of Aesop to their high place in the general literature of Christendom, is to be looked for in the West rather than in the East.
Martin Luther translated twenty of these fables, and was urged by Melancthon to complete the whole; while Gottfried Arnold, the celebrated Lutheran theologian, and librarian to Frederick I, king of Prussia, mentions that the great Reformer valued the Fables of Aesop next after the Holy Scriptures.
The greatest advance, however, towards a re-introduction of the Fables of Aesop to a place in the literature of the world, was made in the early part of the seventeenth century.
This volume of Nevelet forms a complete "Corpus Fabularum Aesopicarum;" and to his labors Aesop owes his restoration to universal favor as one of the wise moralists and great teachers of mankind.
This intimation has since given rise to a series of inquiries, the knowledge of which is necessary, in the present day, to a full understanding of the true position of Aesop in connection with the writings that bear his name.
At whatever time he wrote his version of Aesop, by some strange accident it seems to have entirely disappeared, and to have been lost sight of.
In this new phase of loyal service, Aesop tries to save his master from a drunken folly.
In response to new federal healthcare regulations, Frontline Technologies recently launched several initiatives around the Aesop substitute placement and absence management system to help school districts track and determine employee eligibility for healthcare benefits.
Angela Creasy is the buyer who seized on Aesop and brought it to Liberty at the end of 2006.
These range from fables in the manner of Aesop to the work of Robert Henryson in Early Modern England.
Aesop met a sad end, when he was thrown off a cliff by the citizens of Delphi.
Olley on Aesop gives onlookers the chance to consider the relevance of Aesop's Fables in today's world by inviting them to work out the moral behind each tale before applying it to everyday life.
Today, Aesop operates more than 60 retail locations in 11 countries, and is expected to generate approximately 64 million AUD in pro-forma sales in the fiscal year ending June 2013.