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a program under which employees regularly accumulate shares and may ultimately assume control of the company

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Martin Grimer, who serves as Aesop Agency's executive director, said it was great fun working with Murray in creating his personal logo.
Aesop creative director Martin Grimer said: "For us, winning the opportunity to create and narrate Andy's story and deliver an iconic identity for him and his company is a grand slam.
Aesop, an Australia-based skin, hair and body care product company, signed a seven-year, 3,430 s/f lease for its New York office.
Upon closing, Natura and Aesop will continue to operate independently, but with a longer-term goal that could lead to Aesop potentially entering the Brazilian market and Natura exploring the concept of signature stores in select markets.
When his overseer learned that Aesop could speak, he became afraid because Aesop might then report his cruel treatment to their owner, and so he sold him to a slave trader for almost nothing.
For her charming exploration of Aesop in the late Middle Age, de Weever (English, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, emerita) has chosen two printed editions of the Fables, one in Latin from 1497 and a bilingual Latin-Parmigiana edition from 1526.
The pouch is filled with skincare products from Aesop.
In the best of Morrison's African American-inflected takes on fables from Aesop a "sass-mouthed" snake pretends to befriend Poppy, the man who ran him over with a pickup.
Aesop, it is believed, was a slave of African descent who lived from about 620 to 560 Be in Ancient Greece.
The dog - named Aesop after the children's fable - was found wandering near the Cork/Limerick border.
The Aesop type story is about a relationship between a carnivorous killer and a man.
The Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program, or AESOP, is a surface Navy spectrum management software tool for managing radar and communications frequencies of shipboard equipment.
Aesop wrote "Hercules and the Wagoner" to demonstrate that the gods wait on US to do something FIRST before they help us.
The exhibition, called Olley on Aesop, transforms the famous fables from verbal to visual form.