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(Norse mythology) the chief race of gods living at Asgard

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(4) He is thus male and female, both human and animal in shape, and though allied with the Aesir through blood-brotherhood oaths with Odin, he is not a member of the Aesir, and may be of Giant extraction or Giant-Vanir blood or something else.
His fishing companion is the giant Hymir, owner of a mile-wide cauldron the Aesir wanted to gain for themselves for brewing beer.
Their paths collide as the Aesir (Thor, Ethel, Sif and Tyr) and Vanir (Heimdall, Skadi, Freyja, Njord, Idun, Bragi and Frey) encounter obstacles on their quest.
When Copenhagen-based cell-phone company AEsir approached the Switzerland-born designer and Fuseproject founder Yves Behar to create its (and his) first phone, they told Behar they wanted to manufacture "something locally," he says, "and something that would last 10 or 20 years." In response, he turned to the watch industry.
Maddy Smith, one of Thor's twin daughters, is living in Malbry and is more powerful than the fallen gods of the Aesir and Vanir, thanks to the runemark on her hand.
Maddy Smith, one of Thor''s twin daughters, is living in Malbry and is more powerful than the fallen gods of the Aesir and Vanir, thanks to the runemark on her hand.
To design a product that will last instead of being a throw-away product in plastic that will last 18 months," said Aesir's founder Thomas Jensen.
Danish company Aesir is producing a mobile phone that it designed to last you a lifetime, according to an article on the Guardian.
* En el primer nivel se encuentran: Asgard, mundo de los Aesir o Ases (1), que se encontraba en el centro del Midgard--mundo de los hombres--; Vanaheim, tierra de los Vanir o Vanes, dioses menores asociados con la fertilidad, la sabiduria y la profecia; Alfheim, tierra de los elfos de luz y morada del dios Freyr, que se encontraba dentro de Asgard.
It is, incidentally, in this context that Vernadsky draws on the Ynglingesaga to speculate that the gods of the sagas, the Aesir, are a "mythical facade" over the historical Asi, i.e.
In Max Payne, for example, the final boss is Nicole Horne--the ruthless and corrupt ceo of Aesir Corporation.
Aesir Metals LLC, Struthers, Ohio, recently gave Rep.
A guy rushed in and said, aeSir, Spain has collapsed'.
The Peterborough-based Aesir in Britain has a range of projects which take the ducted-fan concept further by exploiting the Coanda effect.
The full motion video captured will be transmitted, via WiFi, directly to the exploitation system allowing the audience to see, almost immediately, what can be seen from the camera within AESIR's VTOL UAV.