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son of Apollo

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Telesphoros is also depicted together with Aesculapius and Hygeia on the coins of Bizya and Pautalia.
The contract is for the provision of services of maintenance with access to new versions of IT systems HIS Aesculapius and Simple ERP modules owned by the Employer and update service IRIS system and to provide the Employer assistance service during the contract period.
Aesculapius was a White man: Antebellum racism and male chauvinism at Harvard Medical School.
It is the spirit of Hippocrates and Aristotle, and not that of Aesculapius and Chiron the Centaur, that rules the medicine of our time (British Medical Journal 1922:883).
From here Cartari goes on to detail the lore associated with Apollo's son, Aesculapius, for whom the cock is similarly sacred, and who is himself the father of Hygeia, or Health, which is associated with the cornucopia he frequently holds.
On the other side, Leontes's punishment seems to correspond to Spenser's Aesculapius, who endures "endlesse penaunce for one fault" (1.
It features the badge of the Royal Army Medical Corps - the rod and serpent of Aesculapius, the Greek God of medicine - and the words In Arduis Fidelius (Steadfast in Adversity).
Asklepios: the ancient Greek god of medicine and healing, worshiped by the Romans as Aesculapius.
How many brave men, how many fair ladies, how many gallant young people, whom any physician--were he Galen, Hippocrates, or Aesculapius himself--would have pronounced in the soundest of health, ate with their kinsfolk, companions, and friends in the morning, and, when evening came, supped with their forefathers in the other world.
Aesculapius, a Roman physician, induced a "deep sleep" and reduced pain by stroking with his hand (Bryan, 1963, p.
In Book XV, Pythagoras references the culter in condemning the ritual slaughter of bulls, while the same weapon is used in sacrifices celebrating the arrival of the serpent-shaped Aesculapius to Tiber Island (ibid.
According to written history, physical therapy methods such as exercise and massage have been used in the management of many disorders and taught to medical students since Aesculapius (Asclepius).
The work of physicians however is perhaps more appropriately symbolized by the ancient staff of Aesculapius with its single snake and staff.
The four full-text manuscripts begin with the mountebank's speech, 'The great Master of Medicine, Aesculapius preserve and prolong the sanity of these royal spectators'; they do not include the initial law sports and so could not be a source for the Newdigate version.
Consequently Jesus' healings, "however miraculous in themselves, if they are separated from the prophecies that reveal to us their divinity, would not be able to persuade us of the source of these miracles, since they have a species of similarity with the cures of Aesculapius worked by magic or diabolical virtue" (227).