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a trademark for a loosely woven cotton fabric that is used to make shirts and underwear

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The Aertex shirt-textured material on the lower part of the dashboard looks particularly funky.
[apneically whistles an English hit] bit yellowing aertex
When I was a kid the height of sophistication ran to a pair of grey shorts held up with a snake-buckle elastic belt and an Aertex T-shirt.
and (particularly) Ivor de Wolfe, with his lastingly influential polemics against fuddy-duddies, Aertex types, prairie planning, New Town Blues, and the miseries of family life in a garden city utopia--'Dad wants flowers or vegetables, mum wants to hang out the washing, the kids are murder to both.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.30 Smiling Stranger, 2.05 Sky Hunter, 2.40 Tellovoi, 3.15 Satellite, 3.50 Verrazano (nap), 4.25 Dreaming Brave, 5.00 Aertex.
For the Europeans it certainly offers a challenge and one that might not be met by wearing Aertex - the fabric used for England's jerseys in the 1970 World Cup in Mexico - alone.
We all had satchels in those days and kit bags containing in my case a crumpled Aertex shirt, a pair of shorts and a hockey stick.
That was over 50 years ago at my co-educational grammar school when I couldn't help notice that a girl in 4C looked startlingly attractive in those knickers and white Aertex blouse as she tried to hit a tennis ball on the courts just outside the music room.
Itook off my Aertex vest and pink mohair earmuffs and strode towards the stone buildings that flank the course.
Topshop has a range of Aertex clothing to choose from or go to Next for the zip neck mesh hooded top at pounds 14.99 or mesh top at pounds 7.99.
Sporting white and pink aertex shirts with the Wimbledon logo and a fluorescent tennis ball on the zip, the corresponding sleeves will keep Lanson Black Label Brut NV, France (PS33.99, Sainsbury's) and Lanson Rose Label Brut Rose, France (PS33.99, Sainsbury's) perfectly chilled for longer.
"Now I'm older, I'm somewhat more agile, but I'm about as graceful as the Aertex shirt and nylon shorts of schooldays!
"Superman wears sleek red briefs over his blue tights, whereas Major would wear Marks and Sparks Aertex Y-fronts over a dark grey suit." This was just straight-forward comic logic, he explains, and, contrary to rumour, had nothing to do with spindoctor Alistair Campbell's claim that he had seen Major tucking his shirt into his underpants.