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Synonyms for anemometer

a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind

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The Aerovane III ($50 per 100; is ouirtet Varies, aSit features zoned textures coupled with airfoil technology and a folded winglet to produce the intended flight characteristics.
* A combined sensor to measure both wind speed and direction (e.g., aerovane or sonic anemometer) or individual wind speed and direction sensors (e.g., conventional anemometer).
Finished weight is about 750 grains, including three stability-enhancing Aerovane Ills.
High-tech applies to everything Firenock [R] builds, including their new Aerovane [TM] Fletching Jig.
Like the original AeroVane, the AeroVane II from Firenock ($24.95 per dozen; employs airfoils to create spin, which in turn imparts a circular lift for truer, steadier and more accurate inflight arrow performance.