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Synonyms for aerosol

a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas

a dispenser that holds a substance under pressure and that can release it as a fine spray (usually by means of a propellant gas)

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Figure 2 demonstrates that sonication of water containing 100 mg/L NOM resulted in the aerosolization of water droplets.
Transmission is primarily through contaminated food and water supplies, although the hardy nature of this virus explains many cases of person-to-person transmission and exposure via aerosolization following episodes of public vomiting.
The UW IBC only considered one of the many opportunities for influenza aerosolization in the studies, that of a tray being dropped.
However, they have a number of limitations such as cost of the device, high maintenance needs, and possible denaturation of active molecules during aerosolization.
SARS-associated coronavirus is spread by multiple mechanisms, including direct contact and large-droplet aerosolization, and may be spread by droplet nuclei as well.
Because of the concern about aerosolized spread, respiratory care units and other health care settings must take special precautions where the risk of aerosolization is present.
Less powder means less possibility of aerosolization while donning or removing the glove.
The Investigational eFlow Nebulizer System uses eFlow Technology to enable highly efficient aerosolization of medication via a vibrating, perforated membrane that contains thousands of small holes to produce the aerosol mist.
About AEROSURF AEROSURF is a novel, investigational drug/device product that combines the Company's proprietary KL4 surfactant and its aerosolization technologies.
have suggested that in an urban setting excessive soil excavations could contribute to aerosolization of the bacterium (12).
The Investigational eFlow Nebulizer System uses eFlow Technology to enable highly efficient aerosolization of liquid medications via a vibrating, perforated membrane that includes thousands of small holes that produce the aerosol mist.
Aerosolization of the formulation occurs within mouthpiece/nozzle assembly, which contains the spray sites and discharge electrodes.
The one asymptomatic worker, a carpenter, may have inhaled a lower inoculum of spores because his job did not involve direct aerosolization of dust.
In addition to aerosolization, there is a theoretical health risk associated with B.
gloves, gowns when soiling is likely, and masks when there is the potential for splashing, spraying, or aerosolization of body fluids)
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