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the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of gases (especially air) and their effects on bodies in the flow

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Equipped with the latest technology and aerodynamic design for a smoother and quieter operation, the brand's windshield wipers are an economical replacement component for commercial vehicles.
The A350 XWB features the latest aerodynamic design, carbon fiber fuselage and wings, plus new fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engines.
The GTF (geared turbo fan) engines by American firm Pratt and Whitney add efficiency while the aerodynamic design and mixed materials for the body and wings make the aircraft lighter and less noisy, Bombardier said.
Also from December, the first-ever M Performance X3 will be available and includes a number of model-specific features such as its M Performance exterior design package, with aerodynamic design elements finished in Cerium Grey.
The special paper is already lined so you know where to fold, making sure you will always get the most aerodynamic design. Attach the motor assembly to the centre, charge it up for 20 seconds and you are ready to watch your creation fly rather than drop at your feet.
Tecplot 360 enables engineers and scientists to effectively plot data, analyse complex solutions, arrange multiple layouts, and communicate output effectively in order to enhance aerodynamic design.
An aerodynamic design and fuel-saving drivetrain keep fuel costs down.
With the interior designed to Lamborghini's current CI, the exterior building reflects and emphasizes the Italian brand's exclusivity, the building's architecture is emulated in the aerodynamic design based on curvilinear lines, transparent glass and black surfaces.
"A clever, class-leading aerodynamic design allows it to offer excellent fuel and emissions efficiency without sacrificing either cabin space or driving ease and comfort," he said.
Compared to their respective standard versions, Nismo vehicles add aerodynamic design born in motorsport, superb handling, improved acceleration and sporty driving dynamics for an exciting drive.
Simulation-Driven Aerodynamic Design Using Variable-Fidelity Models
Touted as "the world's most fuel-efficient car" by its manufacturer, the two-seater packs a small diesel engine and an electric motor inside a highly aerodynamic design. The teardrop-shaped body clears the pavement by only 2 inches and is made from lightweight, carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (with an underlying crash structure for safety).
"Computational uid dynamics (CFD) has been chosen as the primary tool to guide the aerodynamic design of the vehicle."
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has been chosen as the primary tool to guide the aerodynamic design of the vehicle.
The windmills operate under strong artificial winds without any fracture in the material because of the nickel alloy and smart aerodynamic design. "The problem most MEMS designers have is that materials are too brittle," Rao said.