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an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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MPs Ermira Mehmeti, Antonio Milososki and Mayor of Aerodrom Municipality, Ivica Koneski as well as Deputy Secretary of Parliament Genci Muharemi and some employees in the Ministry of Justice already passed the notary exam and received a certificate, reports Zhurnal.
For example, in Aerodrom Municipality the housing price per square meter is 790 euro, which is the lowest price in Skopje and we have real and competitive market prices in the other cities as well.
Winning against strong international competition in a closed bidding process on July 4, Fraport was selected by the seller side to participate in exclusive negotiations on the sale of Aerodrom Lubljana d.
7 August 2014 - Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SDH), the state investment firm co-ordinating the sale of state assets, said it would start exclusive talks with Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Srvs Wrldwd (ETR:FRA) on a possible deal for the country's main airport Aerodrom Ljubljana.
5 percent of Slovenia's main airport Aerodrom Ljubljana.
Appellate Court is yet to rule on EVN's appeal against Criminal Court's decision that it should pay 200 million euros to ELEM, as well as few other cases, including those involving SDSM parliamentarian Buckovski and former Aerodrom Mayor Kiril Todorovski.
Progress on the project has been swift--airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana only signed the construction contract with SCT in June 2006.
Contract award notice: Extension of the building of Buba Mara within the Buba Mara kindergarten on the territory of the Municipality of Aerodrom.
The hyper production of new homes in Skopje in the past decade is not lowering the competition nor is it saturating the market, especially not in the municipalities of Centar, Aerodrom, Kisela Voda and Karpos.
Also on Thursday, French builder Vinci SA (EPA:DG) confirmed it has lodged a bid for the country's main airport Aerodrom Ljubljana.
Following Nikola Gruevski's calls for mobilization in order to win 62 parliamentary seats, over the last few days VMRO-DPMNE in the Municipality of Aerodrom handed out leaflets calling Macedonian voters to "get protected from the danger of bilingualism".
Education Minister Stojanovski and Aerodrom Mayor Konevski inform that Education Ministry announced tender for building of two new elementary schools in Aerodrom Municipality.
Contract award notice: Procurement of school uniforms for students of the primary schools on the territory of the Municipality of Aerodrom.
The donation will be handed over by the Greek deputy ambassador in the attendance of Macedonian government officials on the grounds of the Goce Delcev barracks in the Skopje's district of Aerodrom where the Protection and Rescue Office is headquartered.