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an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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However, such campaigning is led contrary to the reality in this municipality because in a time when VMRO-DPMNE rules with the central and local government, the library that is located in Aerodrom has bilingual boards.
and Aerodrom Ljubljana (both acquired in the second half of 2014) - resulted in additional segment revenue of[euro]44.
The construction of shopping mall in Cevahir Mall in Municipality Aerodrom and Emporio Mall in Municipality Gjorce Petrov will refresh the shopping mall offers.
Winning against strong international competition in a closed bidding process on July 4, Fraport was selected by the seller side to participate in exclusive negotiations on the sale of Aerodrom Lubljana d.
Statistics reveal that the most attractive municipalities for building new apartments are Aerodrom, Gjorce Petrov, Karpos and Butel.
5 percent of Slovenia's main airport Aerodrom Ljubljana.
The council members of the Municipality of Aerodrom made a decision to build a 33-meter high cross on the municipality's territory.
Aerodrom Ljubljana plc, the management company of Joze Pucnik Ljubljana Airport, concluded a four year [euro]23 million (US$30m) investment cycle in April when runway, taxiway, apron and ramp refurbishment tasks were completed.
Appellate Court is yet to rule on EVN's appeal against Criminal Court's decision that it should pay 200 million euros to ELEM, as well as few other cases, including those involving SDSM parliamentarian Buckovski and former Aerodrom Mayor Kiril Todorovski.
Airmall) and Aerodrom Ljubljana - which were acquired in the second half of 2014.
With the incentives the Government offers, nursing homes will first be opened in Gostivar, Aerodrom, Karpos, Strumica and Krusevo, while the interest in building private kindergartens is the highest in Gostivar, Aerodrom, Centar Zupa and Bitola.
On late Tuesday, two young Albanians from Saraj were brutally beaten up in a city bus by a group of Macedonian hooligans in settlement Aerodrom.
Education Minister Stojanovski and Aerodrom Mayor Konevski inform that Education Ministry announced tender for building of two new elementary schools in Aerodrom Municipality.
Progress on the project has been swift--airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana only signed the construction contract with SCT in June 2006.