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exercise that increases the need for oxygen

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Hunt also undertakes classes in aeFatburner', which entails 20 minutes of a freestyle aerobic workout, 20 minutes of weight lifting, 15 minutes of abdominal exercise and five minutes of stretching.
The sponsored two-hour aerobic workout will take place at the same time in each location around the UK, from 6-8pm.
The sponsored two-hour aerobic workout will be led by qualified instructors from 6pm to 8pm on February 8.
The Aerobic Workout section is comprised of five segments: warm-up, workout segments 1, 2 and 3, and cool-down.
Deep Water Exercise Classes - Moderately paced aerobic workout at Willamalane Park Swim Center.
Laughter is also beneficial for older people, as it provides a gentle aerobic workout, boosts energy levels, maintains flexibility and helps to prevent depression.
Some people want an aerobic workout and some people want to hike with their kids.
After a gruelling aerobic workout at his gym in Kensington, West London, Gary performs a series of resistance moves on the plate - which Madge uses to tone her legendary thighs.
Weight lifting is the most effective way to build total body strength and running is your main event for a total aerobic workout.
In his book Arnold's Fitness for Kids, Ages 6-10, Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends that children ages six to seven jump rope for fifteen minutes without stopping for a good aerobic workout.
During the marathon, participants complete a two-hour aerobic workout and collect donations from sponsors.
A: I try to exercise often, and during the week I do a lunchtime aerobic workout at the gym five minutes from my office whenever I can.
If your goal is to boost your cardiovascular fitness or lose weight," Burke says, "consider a machine that will give you an aerobic workout and burn calories," such as a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, ski machine, or rower.
This 45-minute video provides an excellent -- but strenuous -- seated aerobic workout, including warm-up, cool-down, and relaxation periods.
This keep-fit video/DVD combines '80s style music with short aerobic workout routines.