aerobic exercise

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exercise that increases the need for oxygen

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Selvadurai and colleagues reported that children who received aerobic training had significantly better [?
1996) The influence of short-term aerobic training on blood lipids in healthy 10-12 year old children.
Key words: Prepubertal and adolescent athletes, trainability, mechanisms, resistance training, anaerobic training, aerobic training, overtraining.
Investigators compared the effectiveness of RT combined with aerobic training in a residential cardiac rehabilitation setting.
Effects of aerobic training and nutritional supplementation on body composition, immune cells and inflammatory markers [Abstract].
The effect of resistance versus aerobic training of metabolic control in patients with type-1 diabetes mellitus.
In fact, combined intervention of strength and aerobic training is a common practice in swimming training, but the scientific evidence is still scarce (Aspenes et al.
Moderate aerobic training such as base runs or long runs have no adverse effect.
Poett attributes his success so far to a daily regiment of weightlifting, martial arts and aerobic training, and a diet of proteins, water and light meals.
Given the results from this study it would be interesting to select all sedentary subjects and divide them into four groups: Sedentary (control), mental training, aerobic training, and mental training plus aerobic training.
Recognized as Atlanta's People's Choice Award for "Best Atlanta Health Club," Sportslife has also contributed to the health and fitness industry with its STEP aerobic training and the revolutionary Freestyle Training program for women.
However, the magnitude at which the aerobic training status could influence the [Fat.
As intensity increases and volume decreases, you will move from greater concentration on aerobic training early in the year to greater concentration on anaerobic or speedwork later.
All started out of shape, and underwent 20 weeks of aerobic training in a laboratory.