cellular respiration

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the metabolic processes whereby certain organisms obtain energy from organic molecules

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Aerobic glycolysis in the human brain is associated with development and neotenous gene expression.
Skin tissues engage in and derive energy mostly using aerobic glycolysis.
5] This phenomenon of oncogenic aerobic glycolysis (as opposed to normal anaerobic glycolysis that takes place in the absence of sufficient oxygen) was first described by Warburg and is pathognomonic in clear-cell RCC for several reasons.
1] is an indicator that ATP demand cannot be met solely by aerobic glycolysis and that the proportion of energy derived from anaerobic pathways has increased.
The preclinical data suggest that alloreactive T cells rely primarily on oxidative phosphorylation for their energy, challenging the current paradigm that activated T cells meet their increased demands for energy through aerobic glycolysis," said lead author Gary D.
While aerobic glycolysis produces less ATP per molecule of glucose, cancer cells can produce ATP this way much faster, with estimates of up to 100 times faster than normal cells.
The new research highlights the role SIRT6 plays in dampening cancer growth by repressing aerobic glycolysis - a major feature of cancer cells that involves the conversion of glucose to lactate.
A high aerobic capacity is beneficial to a performer in an anaerobic event as it will aid a faster recovery between bouts of high-intensity exercise and provide a greater amount of ATP via aerobic glycolysis.