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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Moments after the departure of the roaring JF-17 Thunder from the venue, the world renowned aerobatics team of Royal Air Force, Red Arrows appeared on the horizon.
The Chinese aerobatics team received huge appreciation and applause from the audience.
The Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team known as Red Arrows was introduced in 1965 and has since then flown 4,800 missions across the world, said PAF officials actively involved in organizing the show.
Afterwards JF-17 Thunder and PAF aerobatics team Sherdil presented a mesmerizing aerial display.
Live demonstration of Sarang Aerobatic Display team of the Indain Air Force, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) (being developed by Aeronautical Development Agency), Main Battle Tanks Arjun Mark I and II, Wheeled Armoured Platform and display by Scandinavian Aerobatics Team enthralled the spectators.
They will be joining international teams including the Saudi Hawks, the UAE's Al Fursan, the Russian Knights, and the Twister Aerobatics team at the BIAS.
The Mi-28 helicopter gunship was part of a flight of helicopters from the Berkut aerobatics team performing stunts at the Dubrovichi firing range in Ryazan region, about 170 kilometers (105 miles) southeast of Moscow, when it went down.
Two KT-1 B aircraft with the Indonesian Jupiter aerobatics team were preparing for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) 2015 exhibition, when they collided, say local media reports from the scene, RT reported.
In 1980 he left the Air Force as an instructor and moved to England to join an aerobatics team.
The Chronomat's ultra-functional, avant-garde and elegant design made its aviation debut on the wrists of the world famous Italian airforce aerobatics team, Frecce Tricolori, after the Italian flying aces voted in its favor as their chronograph of choice.
The Defence Ministry plans to purchase 20 additional Hawk trainers that would have formed a new aerobatics team of the IAF, replacing the Suryakiran team that was disbanded because of a shortage of aircraft.
The Breitling Wingwalkers will also be on show, as are the Blades aerobatics team, who on Friday took Sunderland's 1973 FA Cup winner Micky Horswill on a "mind-boggling" rollercoaster ride in the skies.
He's talking about the honour of being a " member of the Royal Air Force Aerobatics team, the Red Arrows.
NNA - RussiaA's third aerobatics team will comprise 12 Yak-130 combat trainer jets, the Irkut aircraft maker said Tuesday.
It was the start of a breathtaking 30-minute performance by the British Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team, commonly known as the Red Arrows, who were making a stopover in Oman before visiting the Dubai Air Show next week.