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The new squadron was to have demonstrated its skills with a flyover and aerobatic maneuvers, but the aerial activities were canceled because of bad weather.
This weight reduction is a significant secondary benefit as the Giles G-200 typically experiences between +10 and -10 times the force of gravity as it performs some of the most difficult aerobatic maneuvers possible for a human piloted aircraft.
Wing Commander Azman Khalil, who was piloting the lethal weapon system, enthralled the audience with his jaw dropping and exuberant aerobatic maneuvers.
Gupta and Hugh Bruck and their students have developed and demonstrated a new robotic bird, "Robo Raven," whose wings flap completely independently of each other, and also can be programmed to perform any desired motion, enabling the bird to perform aerobatic maneuvers.
During the last couple of aerobatic maneuvers, I had started sweating buckets and was feeling the effects of being upside down about dozen times.
Stock Flight Systems' CEO, Michael Stock, personally evaluated the system, putting it to the test in highly dynamic flight, including several aerobatic maneuvers.
It includes the graceful aerobatic maneuvers of the four-plane Diamond Formation, in concert with the fast-paced, high-performance maneuvers of its two Solo Pilots.
They're designed to withstand six Gs - more than most powered planes - and are capable of aerobatic maneuvers.
Racing at speeds approaching 250 miles per hour and executing aerobatic maneuvers spanning 10 positive to 8 negative Gs through challenging slalom courses, the former U.
25, while performing aerobatic maneuvers in his plane off the coast of San Pedro, Calif.
Aerobatic Flying Circus grand finale - three world-famous pilots perform aerobatic maneuvers.
as well as members of the Polish Air Force in training, with dramatic aerobatic maneuvers and the roar of the powerful Pratt & Whitney engine.
Amid the turkey vultures scouting prey over the open field, one plane looped through a series of aerobatic maneuvers while another glided languidly through the clear afternoon air.
Tucker, one of Smithsonian's Air & Flight Museum's 25 "Living Legends Of Flight," now uses COLOREYES(TM) revolutionary HDL-3C(TM) sun-filtering science to improve his visual performance while performing his advanced aerobatic maneuvers.