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During an episode, a pilot is unable to perform aerobatic maneuvers but is able to control the aircraft without assistance (one exception occurred when ground-radioed assistance became necessary to assist a single-seat aircraft pilot maintain control and land).
Wing Commander Azman Khalil, who was piloting the lethal weapon system, enthralled the audience with his jaw dropping and exuberant aerobatic maneuvers.
During the last couple of aerobatic maneuvers, I had started sweating buckets and was feeling the effects of being upside down about dozen times.
Stock Flight Systems' CEO, Michael Stock, personally evaluated the system, putting it to the test in highly dynamic flight, including several aerobatic maneuvers.
The BO105 remains the only helicopter in the world that can execute the same spectacular aerobatic maneuvers as conventional airplanes, says Rainer Wilke, BO105 pilot with the Flying Bulls.
They're designed to withstand six Gs - more than most powered planes - and are capable of aerobatic maneuvers.
Racing at speeds approaching 250 miles per hour and executing aerobatic maneuvers spanning 10 positive to 8 negative Gs through challenging slalom courses, the former U.
Aerobatic Flying Circus grand finale - three world-famous pilots perform aerobatic maneuvers.
Several witnesses reported the airplane had been performing aerobatic maneuvers along the beach.
Amid the turkey vultures scouting prey over the open field, one plane looped through a series of aerobatic maneuvers while another glided languidly through the clear afternoon air.
It involves the airplane's in-flight breakup on April 22, 2007, as the pilot was apparently performing aerobatic maneuvers.
All six planes are flown in tight formation, demonstrating all aerobatic maneuvers.
Although Private, Commercial, and aerobatic maneuvers may at first seem unrelated, they all are derived from the fundamental spin, roll and loop.