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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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With the only other flight helmets on the market being specifically designed for the military, they felt there was a place for a specially designed aviation helmet for use in the cockpits of high-performance aerobatic aircraft. As a result, Bonehead Composites introduced PilotX Flight Helmets - lightweight, low-profile flight helmets that include communications, quick disconnect and options for ANR and Oxygen Receivers.
Its website goes on: "Flying their remarkably fast, fully aerobatic aircraft with powerful smoke systems, the RV8tors perform a thrilling display.
Tom Cassells, three times British Aerobatic champion, will be also piloting an aerobatic aircraft at speeds of up to 250mph.
Thrilling aerobatic aircraft and wing walking displays will also be featured.
Symmetrical airfoil aerobatic aircraft fly very well inverted, and in a spin it is difficult to tell if you are inverted because you are strapped in so tight and the nose is very low in either case.
And the Pioneer 300 Hawk, which are categorised as 'microlights', use a rotary engine capable of 100hp, considerably less than many aerobatic aircraft, but more than enough to hit top performance speeds of 250km/h needed to pull off the their death defying moves.
A 300L Aerobatic aircraft is to be sold on the Internet auction web site eBay.
Despite the rain, the turnout at this year's Airshow in Ayr matched last year's record levels, with spectators keen to witness a spectacular range of aerobatic aircraft and see the Red Arrows finish the Saturday display in great style.