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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Symmetrical airfoil aerobatic aircraft fly very well inverted, and in a spin it is difficult to tell if you are inverted because you are strapped in so tight and the nose is very low in either case.
And the Pioneer 300 Hawk, which are categorised as 'microlights', use a rotary engine capable of 100hp, considerably less than many aerobatic aircraft, but more than enough to hit top performance speeds of 250km/h needed to pull off the their death defying moves.
A 300L Aerobatic aircraft is to be sold on the Internet auction web site eBay.
Making a return appearance this year will be Ian Groom and his FUJIFILM SU-13, a Moscow-built aerobatic aircraft.
High performance aerobatic aircraft are often the industry's test bed for new airframe technology.
Despite the rain, the turnout at this year's Airshow in Ayr matched last year's record levels, with spectators keen to witness a spectacular range of aerobatic aircraft and see the Red Arrows finish the Saturday display in great style.
Contract notice: Maintenance in operational condition of aerobatic aircraft extra 300 of the french air force.
Flying the Window World MXS-RH Aerobatic Aircraft by MX Aircraft, Rob Holland brings an unrivaled performance to airshows across North America, thrilling millions of spectators with his dynamic and breathtaking display.
Mr Goggins, who runs a dental practice in Dublin, was flying his aerobatic aircraft in the Aero GP race when tragedy struck.
The show, which is organised in partnership with Sefton Borough Council, boasts a comprehensive flying programme of military and civilian aircraft, including the latest fast jets, vintage aircraft, helicopters, aerobatic aircraft, parachute displays and ground based demonstrations.