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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Making a return appearance this year will be Ian Groom and his FUJIFILM SU-13, a Moscow-built aerobatic aircraft.
High performance aerobatic aircraft are often the industry's test bed for new airframe technology.
The team has a fleet of 5 Extra-300 L aerobatic aircraft (above), each one ran by a Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 engine.
The MX2 is the absolute latest in unlimited aerobatic aircraft.
The Inverza 280 Basic BNF is a collaborative original design by RC aerobatic world champion Quique Somenzini, full-scale aerobatic aircraft craftsman Kevin Kimball and aviation artist Mirco Pecorari.
Mr Goggins, who runs a dental practice in Dublin, was flying his aerobatic aircraft in the Aero GP race when tragedy struck.
The show, which is organised in partnership with Sefton Borough Council, boasts a comprehensive flying programme of military and civilian aircraft, including the latest fast jets, vintage aircraft, helicopters, aerobatic aircraft, parachute displays and ground based demonstrations.
He is the owner and pilot of a modified aerobatic aircraft.
AA-RACE Aeroclub has put special effort to accurately replicate unlimited aerobatic aircraft performance while maintaining playability of the game.
Today General McPeak flies the RV-4, a home-built, fully aerobatic aircraft.