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the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of gases (especially air) and their effects on bodies in the flow

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The MAN Aero Package leads to optimised air flow through improved aero dynamics to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 3%.
Although I was going to be a world class runner until twin sisters from Ghana turned up at my school and smashed every record going, which coincided with my expanding hips ruining the aero dynamics.
We will be debuting the product at the Singapore Air Show, in cooperation with our SE Asian reseller, APAC Aero Dynamics, Subsidiary of Miltrade Technologies Pte, Ltd.
A front carbon-fiber splitter and rear carbon-fiber wing were added for improved aero dynamics, and weight was trimmed off the Dodge Challenger SRT8 chassis by utilizing a custom carbon-fiber body by NuFormz Racing.
The F1 car is the most complex and advanced car platform in the market, packing research in aero dynamics, engine technology, brakes, tires and modeling to name just a few -- this collaboration is a tribute to our work, to the solutions we provide and to our engineers who strive ceaselessly to make this company what it is today," he added.