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This system utilizes a patented aerification process and can save cleaning time, money, health and the environment.
Core cultivation is performed at least once a year, and other types of aerification often occur several times.
After aerification, a verticutter with blades on a 9.5-cm spacing was used in two directions over each study area to break up cores and create 3-mm-deep slices in the soil surface.
Aeration or aerification The practice of improving the movement of air, water, and nutrients into the soil by making holes or slits in it.
Common mechanical and topdressing practices for removing thatch-mat include core cultivation (or aerification), vertical mowing (or verticutting), and grooming (or shallow verticutting).
Rooting is also influenced by maintenance practices such as mowing height, frequency of irrigation, aerification, and fertilization.
Management programs were (i) standard, with two vertical mowings at 2.5 cm deep per year plus sand topdressing, one core aerification, and monthly summer spiking, or (ii) high, with monthly summer vertical mowing at 1.3 cm deep plus topdressing, monthly summer core aerification, and an additional light topdressing each month (Table 1).
Turf cultivation included once-yearly (October) hollow-tine core aerification with 1-cm diam.
Before the release of TruePutt, there were three options for establishing annual bluegrass: collect clippings during periods of seed head production and distribute them with the hope that mature seed will germinate; establish from cores collected during aerification; or plant seed of creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) or another species and wait for annual bluegrass to encroach and dominate.
Core aerification was performed because the turf had become fluffy and was scalped repeatedly in 1999.
Aerification was performed using a Toro Greens-Air (The Toro Company, Bloomington, IL) with 1.9-cm diam., 7.6-cm-deep hollow tines on a 5.1- by 5.1-cm pattern.