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It is common for a golf course superintendent to use two or three different aerification techniques each year.
After aerification, a verticutter with blades on a 9.
Re-contouring will be accomplished by using deep aerification, roto-tilling and rotovation to modify the putting surface contours to achieve the slope gradient depicted on the plans.
Core cultivation is performed at least once a year, and other types of aerification often occur several times.
Aeration or aerification The practice of improving the movement of air, water, and nutrients into the soil by making holes or slits in it.
5 cm deep per year plus sand topdressing, one core aerification, and monthly summer spiking, or (ii) high, with monthly summer vertical mowing at 1.
Core aerification and spiking were applied with the same piece of equipment (Ryan GA 30, Cushman, Inc.
Turf cultivation included once-yearly (October) hollow-tine core aerification with 1-cm diam.
The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the ground field maintenance, including but not limited to, mowing, litter control, aerification, , insect control, vericutting/top dressing, fertilization, and the application of herbicides and pesticides.
Core aerification was performed because the turf had become fluffy and was scalped repeatedly in 1999.
Aerification allowed the N-sources to more effectively penetrate the upper 2.
Aerification was performed using a Toro Greens-Air (The Toro Company, Bloomington, IL) with 1.
We ve seen Plant Health benefits, including increased root mass and shorter recovery time from the greens following aerification after using Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide.
Some researchers have observed that core aerification is effective in reducing thatch alone (7, 14, 16, 20), in combination with vertical mowing (14,16, 21), or limestone applications (8).
The treatments and their respective abbreviations in brackets are as follow: (i) vertical mowing, four times (VM 4X); (ii) vertical mowing, eight times (VM 8X); (iii) core (or coring) aerification, four times; (iv) vertical mowing plus coring, both four times (VM + core); (v) a wetting agent, seven times (Wet Ag); (vi) extra K, four times (K); (vii) hydrated lime, four times (L); (viii) K plus lime, both four times (K+L); (ix) vertical mowing plus extra K, both four times (VM + K); (x) vertical mowing plus lime, both four times (VM + Q; and (xi) VM plus extra K and lime, all applied four times per year (VM + K + L).