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Synonyms for aerial

of or relating to air

imposingly high

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

Synonyms for aerial

a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer

existing or living or growing or operating in the air

Related Words

characterized by lightness and insubstantiality

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com)-- Founders of The Aerial Studio in Ventura, Gregg and Carmen Curtis, are thrilled to receive the “Outstanding Small Business” Award of the Year for 2014 from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.
Leicester City Council wishes to appoint 1 specialist Digital TV Aerial contractors to carry-out Service and Maintenance of Digital TV Aerials Systems within the City Council~s housing stock, city wide.
In total 11 unemployed people in Coventry are working at Euro Aerials after being helped by PPDG.
810 Commtel Motorised Remote Control Aerial with booster, pounds 14.
If you do need a new aerial, you should expect to pay around pounds 60-pounds 180 for a standard installation.
If you live along the coastal part of South Wales, the odds are that you had a Mendip aerial fitted.
Annual rental paid by telecom companies to churches hosting aerials can be up to $12,000.
Eric Bergoust and Nikki Stone gave the United States a gold-medal sweep as they soared, flipped and twisted to victory in the men's and women's aerials.
Aerials, though in demand for its eye-catching perspective, with high acquisition costs for custom shoots can be out of reach to all but the biggest budgets.
Former Cirque Du Soleil performers, Carmen and Gregg opened the studio in order to share their passion for aerials with the community, offering instruction in aerial arts, acrobatics, parkour, and AIReal Yoga[TM] at all levels.
Even though the aerials only cost about pounds 20, the installation is over pounds 100.
HOUSEHOLDERS are being warned about a city scam where unnecessary television aerials are fitted to people's homes.
Stewart is the first to provide aerials with parcel boundaries tied into the assessor's ownership information.
Now, residents say the new aerials, replaced by Liverpool council, do not work because the signal is blocked out by ongoing development work around the estate.