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Synonyms for aviation

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Shoukry has stated that the ministry is currently looking into providing aerial transportation for Egyptian Christians in Libya, according to state-owned Al-Ahram.
An aerial transportation system would be a relatively inexpensive and quickly-deployable solution here in New York.
The Minister stated that aerial transportation of per Kilogram of meat was costing 90 rupees while transportation charges by high speed ships shall merely be five rupees per kg.
Ortega said participants decided to divide the necessary tasks into five areas: transport and maritime and aerial transportation, productive alliances, tourism, trade, and commercial facilities.
This operation also relies on the continuous provision of additional aerial transportation by EU member states.
Hence, at its design, the designers must take in consideration all the factors that affect the normal functionality of the aerial transportation pipelines.
The government has decided to terminate the Air Self-Defense Force's aerial transportation mission in Iraq by yearend, citing the expiration of the United Nations resolution authorizing multinational forces' deployment in Iraq as well as the improved security situation there.
5 gallon non-rigid water bladders that could withstand the rigors of ocean-going movement and aerial transportation.
The Defense Department's decision to allow the Army to buy its own fleet of fixed-wing cargo planes sparked a "roles and missions" tussle, with the Air Force arguing that aerial transportation is inherently its job.
The center has documented weight loss and death in common loons resulting from mercury poisoning, which comes from local sources and arrives via aerial transportation.
The first two similarities might be imagined necessities for aerial transportation, but the others are unnecessary similarities of tone and detail.
In addition to the first auto policy, Travelers issued the first insurance on aerial transportation and years later issued the first accident policies for space flight and exploration.