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a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers

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In Jackson Hole, I spent a couple of nights at the Best Western Inn - very handy for the aerial tram and the south entrance to the Grand Teton National Park - and two nights in the superb Spring Creek ranch.
Bruce Hutton says part of what led them to propose an aerial tram was its potential to reduce the human footprint on the park.
6-mile aerial tram installed by American Donald Perry at the Bosque Lluvioso Reserve).
The high point of a visit here is a ride aboard the aerial tram from the vineyards up to the winery.
Don't miss the Skyfari aerial tram, for a bird's-eye view of the park's environs -- from the koala colony in the Down Under exhibit; to the elephants, lions, jaguars, sloths and camels of Elephant Odyssey.
Some 25,000 registered participants are expected in this city, which has gone from crime capital to one of the most innovative municipalities in all of Latin America, with innovations in parks, public space and transportation infrastructure, including the successful Metrocable aerial tram system.
The following day we took a ride on the aerial tram 9,000ft up from the station to the cliffs of Chino Canyon.
Might not seem so fast, but since the two sleek Swiss-made silver cabins of the $57 million Portland Aerial Tram are part of a tramway unlike any other in Pacific Northwest history, it's not a bad way to ride.
Showcasing rainforest surroundings in a theme-park style, facilities include boat trips to spot wading birds and turtles along the jungle-fringed Chagres River, and aerial tram rides through the forest canopy.
Enjoy a bird's-eye view yourself from an aerial tram and glide through the treetops.
The apps are intended for use boarding TriMet buses and MAX trains, the Portland Streetcar, and the OHSU aerial tram.
If you hike to the top, you can use the pool or the hot tub, and you can always take the aerial tram down.
The winery is accessible by aerial tram and offers stunning views of the surrounding wine country.
Answer: You're referring to the beginnings of the Portland Aerial Tram, which will connect the city's South Waterfront area with Oregon Health & Science University.
PALM SPRINGS - Two tram cars carrying a total of 53 people were stuck on the Palm Springs Aerial Tram for about 4 1/2 hours Monday because of a mechanical problem, a company spokeswoman said.