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a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers

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Significant care was given to the integration of the public pathway, which arrives in the middle of the building from the terminus of the adjacent aerial tram tower and connects to the campus-wide pedestrian "superhighway," which itself weaves through the building along the south (view) side.
The iconic aerial tram that transports visitors 300 feet uphill to Sterling Vineyards' lofty winery and tasting room above Calistoga in Napa Valley is now being powered by the sun.
These include destinations such as wine vineyards, Chinese gardens, museums, markets and the aerial tram.
The city has begun operation of a spectacular $57 million aerial tram that runs 1100 yards from the city's South Waterfront district to the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).
The some 250 sites toured include downtown's Pioneer Courthouse Square ("Portland's living room"), Michael Graves' controversial postmodern Portland Building, the city's many bridges, and its new aerial tram.
Wrangling a crowd of more than 120 board members and spouses, guest speakers and program presenters takes a firm hand, especially when there's a world-famous river seething with cutthroat trout just a fly-cast away, not to mention Old Faithful putting on its hourly show, an aerial tram to the mountain tops and countless quaint shops, stores and noted restaurants nearby.
Alyeska's lifts include a high-speed detachable quad, two fixed quads, three double chairs, two pony lifts and a 60-passenger aerial tram.
After taking the 10-minute aerial tram trip to the peak, I hiked the 7.
Dark-green Cafe Britt coffee stands pop up all over the countryside, and Cafe Britt retail stores can now be found at some of Costa Pica's leading tourist attractions--including the Rainforest Aerial Tram, the luxurious Hotel Costa Rica Marriott, the Tabacon Resort at the Arenal volcano and hot springs, and the elegant National Theater in downtown San Jose, where Cafe Britt owns the restaurant concession.
we got to the base of a mountain and were deposited at an aerial tram that was to take us up to the resort town.
This summer, you will take a thrilling aerial tram ride to the "Roof of the Rockies," where breathtaking vistas unfold in every direction.
The Rain Forest Aerial Tram of Dominica is scheduled to open in March, and is destined to become a popular tourist attraction, reports The Dominica Chronicle (Feb.
At the same time, access to nature is easy: In one day, a visitor can drive to the very edge of a volcanic crater, hike through the heart of a mountain jungle, take an aerial tram ride in the rainforest canopy and soak up sun on a deserted beach.
Since most of the park's vegetation only reaches approximately 30 feet high, and any aerial tram system would need to dear this height, park trees would not conceal it.
If staying in one city appeals, then San Jose can offer the traveller all the excitement from rainforests by aerial tram and Irazu volcano to the city sights of the national theatre and museum and the Plaza de la Cultura.