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the brightly colored garments of a jockey

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But not these seasoned artists in 'aerial silks' at the Pole Fit Dubai Aerial Arts Academy, Dubai Marina.
A 37-year-old, right hand dominant male who was an office worker and recreational gymnast, was practicing aerial silks (a type of gymnastics) when he lost control during a maneuver.
SPRINGFIELD - Not every circus performance combines the art of acrobats, aerial silks, stilts and belly dancing with a litany of science factoids, but that atmosphere was prevalent Sunday afternoon, as girls and women between the ages of 6 and 66 completed feats of strength and flexibility, all while demonstrating the mysteries of how the world works.
Special insurance, whether for aerial silks classes or something as common as taking your studio's troupe on the competition circuit, may not be included in your standard dance studio liability and property package.
Natalie, an aerial silks artist whose career in the circus ended before it began, has just uncovered a secret her mother kept hidden for years.
Besides pole dance, the studio offers other classes in suspension fitness, including lyra (using hoops), static trapeze, aerial silks and aerial yoga (using a hammock).
Using trapeze, aerial silks and rig she's now been flying high for over 10 years.
From high-flying twists and turns to swaying in a cocoon-like state, aerial silks offer suspended play.
There's traditional Chinese stunts such as the aerial silks and the famous Monkey Poles, plus boy-foot juggling, dynamic hoop diving with spectacular somersaults, leaps and jumps, hat juggling, and contortions, all set to an original score.
Major acts include an opening Roue (German Wheel) performed by two acrobats garbed like mummies in Day-Glo wrap, a highwire duo, a balancing act on chairs, a trademark cirque "aerial silks" routine and a house trapeze troupe.
Gandeys Circus: The GREATEST SHOWMAN TOUR - HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR intu Merry Hill, October 26 to November 4 Expect thrills a-plenty from acrobats, aerial silks, rolling globes and African warriors.
In the parking lot from 6 to 8 p.m., Tease Dance and Fitness will be demonstrating aerial silks, pole fitness, and more.
"When we got too old to compete in gymnastics, we started working on routines together, doing aerial silks, and it took off from there."
Cath, 56, from Glasgow, takes classes or uses the Aerial Edge equipment in the Briggait to practice most days in disciplines including static and flying trapeze, aerial silks, hoop, chains, straps and rope.