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the brightly colored garments of a jockey

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Typically aerial silks involves foot lock, hip lock, drops, butterfly, flamingo and Arabesque forms and shapes.
Girls learn alongside experienced performers in everything from acrobatics to aerial silks.
Using trapeze, aerial silks and rig she's now been flying high for over 10 years.
Aerial silks and hammocks require 200 yards of fabric.
From high-flying twists and turns to swaying in a cocoon-like state, aerial silks offer suspended play.
In contrast the delightfully camp and wonderfully bizarre Mr Mistress is sure to arouse your curiosity while Mona Lisa, the flying princess of aerial silks, will make your jaw hit the floor.
When elegant long-legged Swiss contortionist Emi Vourthey - a former ballerina - suddenly free-falls from high-flying aerial silks to just above the floor the whole audience gasps aloud.
There's traditional Chinese stunts such as the aerial silks and the famous Monkey Poles, plus boy-foot juggling, dynamic hoop diving with spectacular somersaults, leaps and jumps, hat juggling, and contortions, all set to an original score.
If you enjoy watching people dangle from a dizzying height on the trapeze, aerial silks or cloud swing, or fancy having a go yourself, then this is the event for you.
The second winning design featured aerial silks, inspired by acrobats, to allow those with cerebral palsy to get around their homes, along with a concept for gel flooring.
It will feature a dozen acts by local performers, ranging from Cuban salsa to slapstick comedy to aerial silks "dancing.
From beginning adult aerial classes that incorporate aerial silks, trapeze, hammock and lyra, to the young boys superhero training to beginner tumbling, acrobatics and parkour classes, there are opportunities for adventurers of all ages and backgrounds.
The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota has created a new massage experience with a nod to Sarasota's circus heritage: the aerial silks massage.
In the opening number of Broadway's Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, flaxen-haired girls fly out on shimmering yellow aerial silks.