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the brightly colored garments of a jockey

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Featuring an amazing array of artistic performers, ranging from aerial hoops, cloud swings, banquine and aerial contortion in silk, the show is simply breathtaking.
During her journey, she meets a cast of outlandish characters who perform a series of acrobatic acts including aerial contortion, ropejumping, cloud swinging and hand balancing.
The Playbox special includes aerial contortion in silk, dynamic trapeze, juggling and acrobatics and features a 30-strong cast.
Recently, Venizelos, 27, took over the aerial contortion in silk, where she does various exercises high above the ground, with no net, supported only by two long strips of silky fabric that she has to twine around herself just right, or risk falling.
Quidam features the German wheel, banquine, Spanish webs, diabolos, aerial contortion in silk, and of course the acclaimed crazy clowns.
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