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a genus of plants of the family Crassulaceae

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Disparity is most evident for Aeonium arboreum, which has a fiber-free succulent bark but a dense, fibrous rayless wood, much like that of Kalanchoe beharensis (Fig.
Samples of Aeonium urbicum (herbs) were collected from four sites in four different months (Eglinton & Hamilton 1963).
internodes and Aeonium leaves, but there are no descriptions of changes in R/FR perceived by individual leaves in their natural position within a canopy.
Euphorbia ammak 'Variegata' and Opuntia ficus-indica act as taller focal points, while airy Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers', playful finger-like Senecio vitalis, and colorful Agave 'Blue Glow' and Aeonium 'Cyclops' give plenty to linger over as well.
Others that have swelled with the recent rain are Aeonium arboreum with their broccoli-like heads soaring above the ground.
Se trata de un Aeonium originario de la parte septentrional de la isla de Tenerife, perteneciente a la seccion Leuconium A.
SUCCULENT POTS Forget summer bedding, grow trendy succulents, such as the black tree aeonium (schwarzkopf) in pots.
Tender plants like cacti, aeonium and other succulents can be kept in their pots and placed together at the front of a border when the weather is warmer in the summer.
It was a single Aeonium 'Sunburst' that spurred photographer Don Flood's quest for the ultimate accent wall.
Aeonium arboreum is another plant that can endure hot weather, but by the end of the summer may look shrivelled and weary.
Nosotros lo hemos observado de manera frecuente en el sector occidental seco del macizo de Teno, en comunidades rupicolas de los barrancos de Carrizales, Juan Lopez, Masca, El Natero y Seco junto a las especies Phyllis viscosa Webb ex Christ y Aeonium sedifolium (Webb ex Bolle) Pit.
b du ea au wi dr su pounds BLACK TREE AEONIUM FORGET summer bedding - they'll run to seed quickly when starved of water.
The fascinating large aeonium plant - a multi-headed succulent which comes in green and red versions and basks everywhere in the greenery of Scilly - is proof of its warmer Gulf Stream-aided climate.