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a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks


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the ancient Greek inhabitants of Aeolia

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A temporary excavation on the Abu Dhabi-Jebel Dhanna road near the turning to Al Aryam Island revealed >6 m of Pleistocene brown siliciclastic aeolian sand which is known to underlie the entire Holocene coastal sabkha plain (Evans & Kirkham, 2009a).
Originating from Campania in Italy, Scotti works in Vulcano, one of seven islands in the Aeolian archipelago.
An Aeolian harp has its strings tuned to make a sound when what passes over them?
By comparing similar features today to features in the rock record--for example, by comparing modern sand dunes to dunes preserved in ancient aeolian sandstones geologists can reconstruct past environments.
html) shipwreck off an Aeolian Island was detected by American divers in 2010 and was explored in 2014.
Like Forgotten Lyres:' The American AEolian in Hawthorne and Melville," Paul T.
De Fombelle creates a memorable cast of characters who either assist Vango, or seek to capture the young fugitive for their controllers (even Hitler and Stalin put in a fleeting appearance) in scenes set in Paris, London, New York, Scotland and the Aeolian islands.
They included Greece's Aeolian Airlines and Armenia's Vertir Airlines, both small charter firms.
The course will take the fleet of Maxis from Capri to the Aeolian Islands, a wild volcanic archipelago north of Sicily.
The pair tackled the details of financial conditions relevant to the contracts on producing Aeolian energy by a Danish company.
The topics include the process of internal erosion in embankment dams and dikes, contact erosion between two soils, concentrated leak erosion, physics of sediment and aeolian transport, characterizing natural cohesive sediments and the water quality of rivers, and sediment transport and morphodynamics in nearshore areas.
Commerce Minister also said that the government is promoting the use of solar, Aeolian and biomass energy.
Many chic Romans travel to the breezy hush-hush island of Panarea, the smallest and poshest of the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily; the French -- who try harder than anyone to avoid tourists -- hike in the Drme, sail in Vannes or go "glamping" in Loire-Atlantique.
The epicenter of tectonic instability was right here in the "Aeolian Arc," extending for 100 square miles of the Tyrrhenian Sea and dotted by the Aeolian Islands, though the general area of instability is much larger, encompassing all of Sicily, Calabria and Campania on Italy's mainland, together with parts of Greece and the Aegean Islands.
Controlled by many nations over the years, today - together with the surrounding Aeolian isles - it's governed by Italy.